Tokyo Olympic sponsors deny relationship with exec suspected of bribery


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Now that the Olympics are over, and everyone has made their money, they are turning their backs on the people who gave it to them!

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Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter…..Besides, no one cares. Everyone got paid off. Business as usual.

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Olympics & corruption? Really? Who'da thunk it.

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What ever happened to the French investigation that proved Japan paid $7million in bribes to win the Olympic bid?

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Google "Dentsu Scandal" and you've got a day's worth of reading.

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Police investigation wa?!!!

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Tokyo Olympic sponsors deny relationship with exec suspected of bribery

Pffft, what? As opposed to ADMITTING fraud?

It's Japan.

It wouldn't be a Japanese company or Japanese event without some sort of scandal, bribery or embezzlement involved in some way.

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and thats all?cause closed?

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We need a thorough audit from the NTA of anyone related to the Olympics, including sponsors.

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Another extract from the Bach book of corruption.

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Next thing you know he will be making claims of defamation. Whether it's true or not, in Japan, a person can sue for defamation whether it's true or not! His reputation is ruined for sure!

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Takahashi, 78, is believed to have received around 45 million yen ($340,000) until last July from Aoki Holdings Inc. after the company he headed reached a consulting deal with the suit retailer in September 2017, according to sources close the matter.

Separate to this, Aoki also transferred around 230 million yen to Takahashi to donate to sporting groups, but 150 million yen of that remained in his possession, the sources said.

Hands, arms, and shoulders so deep into the cookie jar that there is no room for cookies.

Get to prison please.

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Dentsu! Big black money trouble? You’ll always find Dentsu in there somewhere.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

I don't believe this article. Mediocre news at the cost of honest people reputation.

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