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Tokyo police confirm 2018 death of N Korea abduction suspect


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He is believed to be aged 94 and in North Korea,

Seeing that age finally dead, surprise?

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It's a shame that he wasn't apprehended earlier as he may have provided more information on NK's abduction program.

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Ha, they abducted him for his passport!

I was contacted by someone called Hara a few years back who wanted to meet and talk. The guy asked me over coffee to open a bank account in Europe for him and put millions into it. I got the feeling he was connected with North Korea as he praised the place. Luckily I had no further contact with him.

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@nandakandamanda Wow! Is this for real?

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They can confirm this but not the deaths of some of the abductees?

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 died on March 13, 2018, in South Korea at age 90. 

Why didn't South Korean police arrest him? Are they lazy or inept?

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Seeing that age finally dead, surprise?

PLEASE, actually read the article! The 94 year old dude is alive and kicking! It's the 90 year old that kicked the bucket! It's really not that hard to understand!

Shin is believed to have later illegally acquired a passport purporting to be Hara and entered Japan numerous times for espionage purposes. He is believed to be aged 94 and in North Korea, although details on his whereabouts remain unknown.

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@mountainpear. Yes, I told a close friend about it and he actually knew of the guy.

"Belongs to the 'Y'", he said, "a dangerous guy". But it was the positive way he mentioned North Korea that remains in my mind.

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