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Tokyo police investigating over 50 cases of bag-snatching at night


Tokyo metropolitan police say that since August, there have been more 50 cases of bag-snatching in Tokyo's 23 wards by a man riding a motorcycle. In all the cases, the motorcyclist rides up behind his victims, mostly women riding bicycles, and snatches their bags or purses from the basket on the front of their bikes.

The latest incident occurred on Nov 26 in Narimasu, Itabashi Ward, when a woman cyclist had her bag snatched by a motorcyclist, Fuji TV reported.

The victim’s grandmother told reporters: “Although she doesn’t clearly recall the exact moment her bag was snatched, she noticed it was missing after getting off her bike in a bicycle parking lot.”

Police believe the same man may be responsible for most of the thefts. The targets are predominantly women heading home in the dark. Furthermore, because the crimes are carried out at night, footage of the suspect captured on street surveillance cameras is difficult to analyze.

Police said one thing camera footage did show was that the motorcycle's license plate had been removed.

Police said that if anyone has any information about these cases, they can call 03-3581-4321.

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I hope he gets caught ASAP.

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We had the same problem in Fukuoka a couple of years ago. My lady friend got hit and lost her bag.

About a year this went on. Then one woman fought back and the FPD caught the guy. Hopefully Tokyo will have the same outcome.

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Police said one thing camera footage did show was that the motorcycle's license plate had been removed.

Well if that's the only thing they found, they need new cameras. Not really helping at all.

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