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Tokyo police say they’ve captured the 'Ame-zing Spider-Man'

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

For several months, Tokyo police have been chasing after a criminal the investigation team has named “the Ame-zing Spider-Man,” suspected of roughly a dozen burglaries, and now they think they’ve finally caught him.

On Nov 1, officers arrested 26-year-old Hiroki Horiguchi on charges of breaking into a rooftop office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood in April. Investigators say Horiguchi smashed an exterior window to gain entrance to the office, then made off with 66,000 yen in cash. Based on the methods used, the police believe Horiguchi might in fact be the secret identity of the Ame-zing Spider-Man.

The oddly spelled and hyphenated “ame-zing” isn’t an attempt by the police to avoid the notoriously aggressive copyright lawyers of Marvel’s corporate parent Disney, though. Instead, it’s the Japanese word ame, meaning “rain,” since the robberies all took place on the nights of rainstorms or typhoons, with offices on rooftops or high floors of skyscrapers being the targets.

Horiguchi has yet to make a statement, opting to remain silent.

Sources: Nitele News 24 via Livedoor News

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