2 Tokyo university officials suspected of bribing bureaucrat resign


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Put them all in Jail, NOW.

No more of this.

LDP needs to be held accountable for these things. Jail them all permanently.

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Say sorry, bow, repeat.

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Make them clean school toilets for 3 years. With toothbrushes...

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No worries here. They are old and have saved lots of money and bonuses. Now they can retire with just saying sorry and resigning.

Oh mind you...this really once happened just this once.

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Good to read this. The investigators should extend their investigations in all J- universities. There was a scandal in my former J- uni which I accidentally uncovered but got no support because the uni was in a very rural area and I wasn't fluent in Japanese. But still I managed to force the uni admin return that money to the beneficiaries. A lot of scholarships money is abused.

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