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Tokyo vagina artist released by police


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Well that's good. Hope it all works out.

I would translate rokudenashiko as "Good-For-Nothing Kid" or "No-Good Girl". Bastard has literal connotations of parentage, especially if you line it up before the word "kid".

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She is now my hero.

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Might start kayaking if I can get it pixilated.

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A nicely calculated move on her part to garner world attention and publicity to her 'cause.' Yet another narcissist that wants her 15 minutes of viral internet fame. She got quite a few dollars from crowd funding sources to build a canoe and line her pockets. What was that about a fool and his money?

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Maybe she could do a rowboat in the shape of her breasts next.

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She should make a cock submarine. lol. I actually found this whole story amusing rather than offensive. Yes she is a little strange, but aren't we all? ;)

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now they have to make a phalic boat

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Commom sense prevails.

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I thought that Japan had a falling birth rate? well if she starts "stimulating" men visually they might go home and take there frustration out on there wives or partners, thus leading to higher birth rates, should she not be praised for her actions?

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She was known for Vagina artist as what International media reported in world media.

Miss Vagina Artist?

Err! It's not good name. Isn't it? She may want more decent recognition from world. She should try real art rather than her own Vagina.

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We Japanese males are far too sexist. We men think about "soko" to distraction, but won't allow a female to enter the sumo ring or allow Aiko-Sama to become empress simply because she is female. It's time the Japanese women took a stand and screamed enough of this sexist nonsense, or perhaps they are content being treated second class citizens. Are we living in the third millenium?

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