Tokyo-Vegas investment chief gets 50 years in Ponzi scheme


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Thats a long sentence, aint a memember of the old boys club obviously.

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"It's ridiculous for you to try to say it was all a mistake," Navarro said. "I find it pretty offensive, and I'm sure it's offensive to victims as well."

I like this judge, sees right through the bs. It's a shame he is already 72, he deserves all the 50 years he is getting and more.

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As an American resident of Japan I have to say this quote from the judge caught my eye;

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro called efforts by Fujinaga to apologize "offensive."

I guess Ms. Navarro has little patience for an apology after the fact for this type of crime (where victims were relieved of their life savings).

The punishment fits the crime: Fujinaga lived lavishly for many years while quite literally ruining the lives of others. (honorific "san" removed intentionally)

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I guess Bernie Madoff is getting a new roomie!

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See, this is how justice is dished out! If this was Japan, I'm the judge would have given a lesser sentence with some BS reasoning like "he's so old already, he's apologized, and he tried to repay the investors to the best of his ability". At least American judges see through the crap.

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Say hello to Bernie Maddoff, theyll make the best or friends. Maddoff is the biggest con artist shyster

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Its certainly a higher sentence than what he would have got if sentenced in a Japanese court.

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Well, as one who believes in redemption, I find such long sentences ridiculous. He is 72 years old. Give him 10 years and make him give up all his money.

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 I find such long sentences ridiculous. 

He destroyed many lives. Many of Madoff's victims committed suicide. We don't know how many of this guy's victims did. But he took the life savings of retirees, so I imagine the devastation was immense....all out of greed.

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PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN that promised of huge profits are always expensive. I do not work in a bank or financial body. If u have money , just put in the Development bank of Singapore , the returns are 7% yearly without problems. Always remember greediness have a price.

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in the good old days his entire family for generations would be punished and ostracized from society

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Good thing this guy was tried in the US where there is an actual justice system instead of here.

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