Tomita will not appeal guilty ruling on camera theft


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Of course he will not appeal.

He got off the hook kind of "cheapish"!

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Tomita will not appeal guilty ruling on camera theft

ofcourse he can't afford to do that he has to find a job first.

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well at least he can take photos of himself in the mirror, daydreaming........ what if !?

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if what tomita is saying is true, then how could he be convicted? so there really is no smoking gun in this case.

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Nakanoguy1: you asked and were answered the same question on the last thread several times. His story was ludicrous, an he was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And this ontop of having confessed and his friends, colleagues, and others admitting he is a thief.

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Next, best course of action... Move on with life. Something stupid was done. Live with it, change yourself for the better and move forward... Maybe in another country (not Korea)

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If I saw someone putting something in my bag, I would confront them immediately. "Um, excuse me. What are you doing?" for example. Tomita's logic? "No, I'll just check later. I want to carry around someone's unidentified object." It could've been leftover food, trash, a bomb, a baby, whatever. Tomita was lucky though. It was a professional camera!

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I watched that video and although it isn’t very clear, nobody can be seen putting something in his bag. During the final part of the video, he can be seen carrying and then raising a rather small blue bag. It must have been obvious if somebody had put something like that bulky camera in that little bag. I am more saddened by the comments posted along with the video by some misguided fools. This incident can hardly be blamed on the Koreans for having political issues with Japan. I think he was treated pretty fairly, since the cops initially went to his team and when confronted by his own team, he owed up immediately. Wouldn’t you have denied? Also, it’s time for his (former) team to speak out, because by Tomita now denying, they are being labeled as liars.

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When it's basically a non-issue in Korea and in Japan it seems to have exploded out of proportion, then it's obviously clear who was the instigator.

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Sometimes you have to shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you were wrong. Its not giving up its called growing up!

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“Even though the presiding judge said a person shown in the surveillance camera cannot be identified as me, I was found guilty.”

Your fellow team members were the ones who identified you on surveillance tape as the thief you idiot. The man who supposedly put the camera in your bag does not exist as shown in the video. Quit making stuff up.

Typical Japanese culture of denying wrongdoing. The length these people will go just to save face.

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See you in 7eleven Tomita

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Security footage is not proving he is guilty or not, is only the fact it was in his bag made him prime suspect. He is likely 99% guilty but we could be wrong 1% and badly damage this individual.

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See you in 7eleven Tomita

Likely on security camera robbing the joint!

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