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Tottori fireman held for killing grandmother with 'kotatsu' top


A 24-year-old fireman in Hokue, Tottori Prefecture, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly killing his grandmother with the top of a "kotatsu" on Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, Akira Kawamoto, who lives with his grandparents and mother, has confessed to hitting his grandmother on the head with the large board in the living room of their family home at around 4:05 p.m. Kawamoto's mother told police that she heard a shriek come from the living room and rushed in to find her mother, 76-year-old Sachiko, unconscious on the floor. She called the emergency services and Sachiko was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Kawamoto has confessed to the crime, but has so far provided no motive, police said.

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How can you do that to your Grandmother?

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pure speculation, but most likely alcohol induced.

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What the-- But why?! Why would you hit your grandmother? I know it's not right to speculate, but if his motive ends up being one of those "we got in an argument and I lost my temper" or something, that will make me angrier. Not that there is a legitimate excuse (other than being mentally handicapped or something) for hitting an old lady with a table top, good GRIEF.

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kokorocloud I'm willing to bet that is exactly the excuse.

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He couldn't provide a motive, meaning it was probably nothing more than him wanting to watch the AKB48 lengerie video but Obaachan wouldn't pass him the remote; the usual sort of explosion over nothing here.

Sick man. I hope he gets a lengthy stint in the klink. RIP to the grandmother.

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I'm guessing he'll say, 'She was nagging me' or something like that.

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Another act by another immature, good for nothing social misfit. RIP to the old lady.

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Does this add a new character to the board game CLUE. The Fireman did it with the Kotatsu, in the living room.

We definitely need more detail here, why would someone just take out their own grandmother? Was he drunk or was she drunk? Did she have a big insurance policy? Please someone make sense of this!!!

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Welcome to Japan OgieDoggie! - and the world of unhinged 20-50 yr old male "kids" who are utterly dependent on their parents/grandparents - and sometimes snap with horrible results... If you trawl through the Crime sections, you will see this is not an isolated incident!

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Poor old obasan was sitting at that kotatsu peeling a mikan when all of a sudden, WHACK.

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24 yrs old, male and living with mummy... Why. I left home at 16. Couldn't wait to get out and be independent.

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expect more of this the colder it gets.

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OgieDoggie - "new character to the board game CLUE. The Fireman did it with the Kotatsu, in the living room."

Good one!

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What an a.sshole! How in the hell could anyone kill their own grandmother? Time for the good old DEATH PENALTY! Let this young b.astard HANG! Hang high!!!

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