Tour bus driver arrested for using stimulants


A 40-year-old tour bus driver has been arrested for driving under the influence of stimulants, Osaka prefectural police said, adding the man has admitted to driving while on drugs “more than 50 times.”

The suspect, Hiroki Fujima, is employed by Sanwa Kotsu in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, Fuji TV reported Tuesday. He is suspected of using stimulants at a hotel in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture on the evening of April 12.

From April 9-12, Fujima was the driver of a 4-day 3-night bus tour consisting of 24 foreign tourists, who boarded the sightseeing bus in Chiba Prefecture. The bus visited popular attractions around Tokyo and Kyoto. During the tour, Fujima used stimulants six times in his hotel room, police said.

Police said Fujima has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying, “I’ve used stimulants more than 50 times while driving. They allow me to focus on the road.”

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“I’ve used stimulants more than 50 times while driving. They allow me to focus on the road.”

Another medium says the suspect lurched toward another new tour bus and climbed into the driver's seat just after a hotel employee visited his room to wake him up. So the employer tried to hold back the staggering driver. But the driver got up against the hotel employer waving his arms angrily. So the hotel reported the incident to the police. Very dangerous.

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Correction in Monozuki's comment: employer - employee

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Obviously, too much coffee....

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@kurisupisu, this is nothing to joke about. He not only risked the lives of the 24 people on that bus, he risked the lives of people 50 previous times while behind the wheel.

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I never know exactly the drug they are talking about in Japanese news. They say stimulants in English, I am guessing this is 覚醒剤 かくせいざい which would be crack. Or is it meth? Or pot? I never know they are so vague. Speed could be a stimulant...

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I knew people that used stimulants in college. It really made them focused for studying, but they also needed them when taking the tests or they crashed out. Gave them a weird smelling breath too.

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I think its probably uppers. Or whatever the truck drivers use to keep them awake!

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Yeah most likely meth/speed.

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