Mayor admits to accepting cash from scandal-hit lawmaker Kawai


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another endless Japanese official POS

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Being a politician in Japan actually requires corruption. But as they make the loophole riddled laws, not much can be done. Yet I try the same behaviors and those around me pull me up. A total disconnected level of elite, with those around them encouraging supporting their corruption. Wouldn't be acceptable in my world.

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Not surprising, only surprising is that folks got caught! Someone had an axe to grind and the fallout keeps coming!

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Is the amount correct? 200k? I’d sue him for humiliation.

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Get rid of all these bums. Get rid of this whole stinking government.

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This is how Japan works. A discrete envelope of cash and all problems are solved. TIJ!

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Kosaka said he had initially declined to accept the envelope because he thought it contained cash or vouchers, but since Kawai persisted, he ended up accepting it.

Sure yeah right, of course he was going to keep it that's why he went into politics. Ask yourselves when was the last time you saw a broke politician living pay check to pay check as most common/ordinary people live.

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Corruption and politics go hand in hand everywhere!!

No fallout for them..sly dogs.

If you are the CEO of a big car company and a 'gaijin' that's another matter entirely though.

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200,000 is the same amount that will be given to the needy suffering through coronavirus. Really should have demanded more...

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Kosaka said he confirmed the envelope contained cash around March 28. On March 30, the mayor registered the money as a donation to his political organization.

Why is this even news? We all know that because he's Japanese, nothing will come of this. Bow, apologize and off you go.

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