Man detained for touching woman on train found dead after fleeing from Ueno Station office


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I am all for having cameras in cars if it means the guilty are caught and the falsely accused have a better chance.

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Karma or he messed with the wrong girl.

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WTF is wrong with these people???

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Well, if you're preferring to the deceased; it could be any number of reasons. There's 2 different cases mentioned here. One is clearly dodgy. The hand grab? Who knows? Loneliness, depression - an inability to express one's self? Low self esteem?

Unfortunately, there are many men out there who do not know how to behave with women. They don't see them as equals or they fetishise them etc. It's why you get women only carriages, sadly.

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Referring, sorry

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certainly there is a possibility for false accusations or just fingering the wrong guy.

Your choice of words had me confused for a minute there!

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I thought these trains actually did have cameras and or all female cars to stop such indecent incidents from happening or at least help stave them off. I was only there for two weeks, but I never witnessed a single gropping in progress or anyone jumping off a train platform and onto the tracks or even a noticably late train (To my standards of lateness anyway).

(Come to think of it... I never noticed a police car with it's light and siren on or even police officers unless at a small out post/station or directing traffic...)

But anyway, I would not call grabbing someone's hand "gropping". Awkward maybe, not proper definitely, but being brought in for gropping charges? No. Was he at least a serial hand holder perhaps?

And that "fingering the wrong guy" bit, threw me off as well. Haha!

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Guess we're gonna have to do boy-girl-boy-girl train cars. They already have girls only cars. Let's have boys only cars too.

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Let's return to the apartheid times then, on a deeper level now. Female-only and Man-only trainwagons. Solves the problem, yet concentrates the possible offenders.

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On my first trip to Japan at Yokohama station I was looking at lot every where in the air to find my way not getting lost and 1 time by accident I just barely touch the hand of a Japanese girl and I immediately apologize but at my surprise she had a look at me and almost just ran away... I was like whaat!?! Once back to my gf's place of the time( she was Japanese) I've told her about the incident and she told me "she's crazy"... but now having been to Japan many times and reading more news and other stuffs I have learned that sometimes some people's reactions can be over the top to the limit of paranoia, but I also have noticed a lot or weirdos are walking around there. So after that just incident of mine I have learned how to at least apologize in Japanese language.

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I was only there for two weeks, but I never witnessed a single gropping in progress or anyone jumping off a train platform and onto the tracks

You make it sound as if it's something people see all the time. Twenty years and I've never seen this.

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