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Transport ministry bureaucrat arrested for filming up woman’s skirt


A 36-year-old career bureaucrat at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has been arrested on suspicion of filming up a woman’s skirt.

According to police, the incident occurred  at around 12:30 a.m. on Friday on an escalator at Tokyo Station, Fuji TV reported. The suspect, Tetsuo Mitarai, is a deputy section manager at the transport ministry.

Police said he was seen using his smartphone camera to film up the skirt of a woman in her 20s. Another man on the escalator saw what Mitarai was doing and grabbed him while police were called.

Police said Mitarai, who was drunk at the time of his arrest, has denied the charge

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Another day in Japan, another creep caught in perverted exploits.

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"drunk at the time of his arrest" aaar! that old excuse, works every time. this is the second incident this week, where someone has been caught filling woman knickers.

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"I was drunk". Now you're a sex offender too.

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What’s the best thing to do: grab the guy and call the police or film him in the act for evidence but risk being falsely accused of the same act?

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Perhaps he was simulating? You know, testing out the chances of upskirt filming on crowded train platforms without being caught. He does/did work for the transport ministry, after all.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I really can't understand this kind of thing.

I can't understand why you cannot understand. You're talking about the average insecure dweeb who has no idea how to interact with women. Pornography, gals bars, strip clubs, soap lands, etc. have no effect on such creatures. Probably been there done that. In there minds, why not beca

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Perhaps he was simulating

Being sarcastic.

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Expect a payoff followed by dismissal of charges. Move along, nothing to see here

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Tetsuo? More like, Twatsuo.

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Again, a Japanese news of utter unimportance.

I don't know but one day the grabbing guy will meet a violent perv and will become a real victim. You can't become police in my country by physicakly be involved when no one is hurt .

Couldn't you catch loads of pervs by just reviewing videos from safety cameras ?

Teach male kids at school it is bad to check lady's pants but good to ask them to show. Problem solved ;)

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Not sure this is worthy of ruining the man's life.

Not sure why you can't grasp the reason it's worthy.

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Gotta disagree with you.These bureaucrats are supposed to be 'elite' and by being 'elite' they control our lives and tax expenditures.Therefore they should be held accountable for any misdemeanor they commit.

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It is not the social, economic, corporate, or political position that matters here.

The very fact that many "males" are doing similar activities means something.

Many call it "fetish" or "disorder" but it is apparent that it is a social problem that may point to other areas of concern. This want or desire to take an image of physical areas openly exposed in comics, animations, public posters, store fronts to weekly porn magazines, is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. The mass media is full of similar exposures and some techniques used in video production is touted and even have programs showing how it is being done. So, the issue of making such action an illegal act may also be a problem, when there are so many more relative factors.

Privacy rights issues, female rights issues, and other related issues cannot be all controlled by laws and "policing" of individuals alone. It is a societal issue where the public must participate and respond in a more pragmatic manner. In some cases there are more than a double standard in social behavior.

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So he did it, and other males defend it? As a male if someone videos up my shorts I'm upset. If someone did I to my wife, my daughters it's medieval time. Being a beauracract that's a whole different story. They are so special, special schools, special education, special exemption from laws and he was drunk, all bases coveredglad I don't live anywhere near this scumbag.

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Ahahaha! Could you imagine your manager being caught for filming up a woman's skirt? The embarrassment alone, lol! :-D

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