Transport ministry employee arrested for groping woman on train


An employee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was arrested Thursday after he was caught groping a 20-year-old woman on a train. The same man was also arrested two years prior for committing the same crime on the same train line.

Omiya National Highway Office employee Yuuya Uchida, 32, was arrested for indecent assault against a junior college student on the JR Musashino Line. According to police, at just after 8 a.m., Uchida was riding on a train headed towards Nishi-Kokubunji when he reportedly reached into the student's underwear and groped her.

A nearby man noticed the act and restrained Uchida, turning him over to station employees when the train stopped at the next station, Minami-Urawa. Uchida denies the charges, claiming "I didn't do anything."

According to authorities, Uchida was arrested in 2007 for committing a similar act against a 17 year-old high school student, and was arrested for violation of the "public nuisance prevention" ordinance (Meiwaku Boushi Jourei).

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How come uchida didn't lose his job due to his last gropping session in 2007?? I think this "guy" needs to experience being a gropee in a nice prison cell.

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Who is he kidding: ... “I didn’t do anything.” Shouldn't he be behind the bars for the offence back in 2007? I do remember him that far back.He reached into the student’s underwear. Certainly he couldn't test a speed of the train. Take him to shrinks ASP!!!

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"Transport ministry employs groping woman on train."

corrected! >:D

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This guy should be on his way to the big house soon.

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strange that he managed to actually get his hand "into" her underwear. you'd think he would have been stopped half way there.

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Good job of the 'nearby man'!

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Interesting how this guy was so bold to stick his hand down a random girls pants but when some bystander grabbed him he went along like a docile little sheep.

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Transport ministry employs groping woman on train.

Did he on assignment during that time to report and simulate how the chikan work on the train so the citizen can feel safe if they were on the land transportation in the future.

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Maybe this fella needs 4 years in the monkey house. A stiff penalty.

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Japan...the gropers paradise.

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I'm glad to see a bystander actually doing something in these cases more and more. tjfrancis--I hope you are not insinuating that the girl wanted that behavior or welcomed it? It could have taken less than a second to do what he did, and it wouldn't be too hard to imagine her being too shocked to act within that second. Most girls don't walk around expecting someone to actually go so far as to stick his hand that far in. The girl was probably wearing sweats or something loose fitting (college student). If she was wearing jeans, I would be right with you in saying she probably didn't act quickly enough. The article doesn't say she was, though. Let's leave the "blame the victim" mentality out of this. Let's blame the transport ministry for continuing to employee this d-bag.

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Thankfully, one brush with the law and most people do not repear their crimes. This one fell through the cracks it looks like.

What Japan really needs is course in school on how to meet women, date them, and get them to willingly go to love hotel with you. Those things sometimes seem like arcane knowledge here.

And give the good citizen who nabbed him a medal please.

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