Trial over Vietnamese girl's murder in Chiba to start June 4


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Shibuya has refused to speak about the case since his arrest in April, investigative sources said, with his lawyers declining to comment

Good! Without a confession they will throw the book at him. He will most likely end up on death row.

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Unfortunately you have to kill more than one person in order to get the rope trick

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"He will most likely end up on death row."

Good, very good. Death to child killers.

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There must be a special place in hell for people like this predator

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Japan is a relatively safe country compared to most countries but when serious crime does happen, it's horrific.

RIP Le Thi Nhat Linh...

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Reckless  — Very scary that a guy can live to middle age and become a trusted member of society with a wife, children and a job, then suddenly snap and do something so horrific.

From the movie ‘The Italian Job’ - “Trust everybody, but don’t trust the devil inside them.”

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Hope he swings for this, but it's unfortunately unlikely...

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