Truck, cars run over man lying on road in Ibaraki Pref


A truck and a number of cars ran over a man who was lying on a highway in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Saturday morning.

According to police, the man was already lying on National Route 354 when he was run over by a truck at around 12:10 a.m. Saturday. The truck driver was quoted by police as saying he saw what appeared to be a body on the road ahead but couldn’t stop in time. Fuji TV reported that after the truck hit the man, a number of cars also ran over the body.

Police said the victim, identified as Hiroyuki Nakajima, 66, may have already been dead from an earlier hit-and-run when he was hit by the truck.

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Sounds like more of an accident than a crime. JT should have a section for accidents.

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The police will have to punish the truck driver, according to the law and as a warning to others, but in reality there was probably little he could do. Almost like with someone lying on the train tracks and getting hit by a train. Is it the driver's fault?

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This happened to a co-worker of mine a number of years ago during the winter in upstate New York. He was walking home at night in a snow storm in a residential area. We don't know if he passed out or slipped and fell, but he was run over by at least two cars.

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they put it in the crime section because it may have been a hit-and-run that started this horrible chain of events

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This is a classic case of a Human Speed Bump. If he was dead from an earlier hit-and-run prior to being run over by the truck just imagine how many other vehicle may have run him over in between the initial hit & run and the truck running him over. Or was this suicide by Vehicle ???

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how the hell you dont see a body on the road... you do avoid potholes ..

truck driver and all the subsequent cars should be punished to the full extent of possible punishment, including capital if its possible

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