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Truck driver arrested after slamming into parade float, killing one, injuring 36


A 42-year-old truck driver has been arrested after his truck plowed into a float taking part in a parade at a festival in Kannonji, Kagawa Prefecture, on Saturday night. One man was killed and 36 others injured, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, the incident occurred just before 10 p.m. Saturday on National Route 11. A crowd of people were pulling the float when the 19-ton truck, driven by Takayuki Okawa, hit them. A 52-year-old teacher died at the scene while 36 other parade participants, including children, suffered various injuries.

Police have charged Okawa with dangerous driving resulting in death. He was quoted as saying he took his eyes off the road just for a few seconds and said he could notapply the brakes in time when he saw the float.

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So, what was he doing instead paying attention to the road? Texting? Reading a newspaper? Watching TV? Checking his make up?

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NHK said that the truck driver was behind the wheel in an absent sort of way, quoted as saying by police.

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What, so the float just appeared out of thin air, in front of him?

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I would have thought that the roads would have been barricaded off to prevent traffic from entering the parade route.

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They were, there were people in the street with batons but he went right by them.

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"there were people in the street with batons but he went right by them." "19-ton truck" I once saw a huge crane truck run a red light at suidobashi intersection in the very early morning, scary.

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You take your eyes off the road for just a second and a parade float and several dozen people just appear out of nowhere - yeah happens all the time...

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Reminds me of the Akihabara man...

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Another example of a mindless trucker causing havoc on the road. These clowns dont appreciate that they are basically driving around in a tank, and have no repercussions (physically) for any accidents that they will incur with their careless or reckless driving. If ever there was a need for AI driving, it is in these trucks. I just hope the technology can advance that we dont need to employ these mindless bozos in 19 ton death machines on roads shared by so many.

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