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Truck driver arrested for death of elderly woman in hit-and-run


Police in Kago City, Saitama Prefecture, on Wednesday arrested the driver of a 13-ton truck over a hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 79-year-old local woman.

Mikio Fujimoto, 38, of Gunma, is suspected of hitting Tsuru Tayo while she was riding her bicycle at 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. According to police, Fujimoto said that he was trying to pass the woman from behind but spotted a car in the opposite lane and hit the woman while returning to his original lane. He said he panicked and kept going.

An eyewitness spotted the name of the company written on the fleeing truck and reported the information to police, leading to Fujimoto's arrest.

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Well you panicked, by all means, keep going ass-clown.

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you see these trucks speeding along and pulling this horses*@t driving everyday. It is a miracle you dont read more of these terrible driving accidents.

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Why did the driver think he could possibly get away with a hit-and-run, especially when he was in a company vehicle?

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Stuff like this makes my blood boil.

No doubt he was in a rush to get to the red traffic light. Twat.

Lock him up for life.

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Just another day in "safety country" where the typical truck driver drives a 13 ton truck like a sports car, all the while eating, smoking, talking on a keitai etc..

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you see these trucks speeding along and pulling this horses*@t driving everyday

Yes, me too, and I wondered why this happens. While driving my car I had a deliberate attack by a truck, which could be even classified as failed attempted murder. Probably the driver got mad because my sports car overtook his truck in a double-lane mountain road and he went on a wild revenge. I went to the police immediately and gave my full account, supported by a photo of the truck with the number plate clearly seen. The police quickly found the company, the truck etc., and did ... absolutely nothing, as "no one is injured nor died". Sure, it is understandable (but not excusable) that many truck drivers are overworking, exhausted, and are on drugs to be alert. Also, it is well known that in Japan often truck companies = construction business = yakuza.

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Truck drivers are the worst of a bad bunch of drivers in Japan. But because of the awful consequences which attend any kind of minor accident in Japan, they get away with it by throwing their weight around.

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I think the truck drivers here are pretty skilled drivers, although sometimes driving too fast, but a lot of paper drivers go too fast and are dangerous. Stop signs are looked at as art work, as they are totally ignored, and a red light means 1,2,3 go! I was involved in a hit and run last year and was knocked out and do not remember any it. Sucks. Would loved to have known the plate.

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stupid truck driver, poor old woman ToT

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Did anyone else notice that the lady riding the bike was 79 years old? Is it possible she could have been weaving around the road just a little bit which might have help cause the accident?

Then again if I make it to 79 years old I'll be lucky just to be able to walk let alone ride a bike.

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"Did anyone else notice that the lady riding the bike was 79 years old?"

Yeah, of course I noticed. She was 79 years old and riding a bike because she doesn't have a car. And she was mowed down by some 38-year-old high school dropout too busy playing with his cell phone to pay attention to his job.

I don't think she was "weaving around the road" and I don't think the victim caused this accident.

As someone whom has experienced an incident very similar to that described earlier by titian, I say...


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Japanese truck drivers are the just plain idiots! And yes, I am generalizing because the lot of them are just idiots! Be it a 13 ton truck or a 3 ton panteck. A trip on the Tome highway between Tokyo and Osaka will settle any doubts any person may have on the lunacy of these idiots. But, it is Japan where traffic cops are too busy chasing bicycles.

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When I first arrived here in Japan, I thought taxi and bus drivers were the most aggressive drivers around - - that is until I almost "ate" a truck. I think what they teach truck drivers in truck driving school is that when you approach a traffic signal that has long turned red, turn on your hazard lights and speed thru, you see the hazard lights tell other drivers that you are a hazard to them. Works everytime! Another theory I have is that if you are ever in a hurry to get somewhere, get behind the biggest and heaviest truck, stay behind it, and you will get to where you are going in record time! Poor drivers, that's all I can say and only to deliver goods in a timely manner in accordance with company policy!

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Hey, OgieDoggie had a point. Not saying this lady was at fault.

But given the harsh reality of today's road system in Japan. When you mix some of the crazy,(NOT ALL) idiot, not paying attention, I own the road so screw everybody else attitude truck drivers. Plus! Some oblivious,(NOT ALL) in their own world, dodge and weave, cut cross THEN look, elder on a bike or foot. This = disaster. I am also surprised that this does not happen more often than it does.

That is a huge problem in Japan. It's as much of a problem with idiot pedestrians that take things for granted because of the laws that favor them, and feel that they are untouchable or that it's OK to live in their own little world. Why do some feel that it's ok to walk in the streets even though there are sidewalks to use? Also why can't people ride bikes on sidewalks, things like this could be prevented. Come on, the roads are narrow, taking better safety precaution is ideal by ALL not just drivers. Can't always blame the driver.

I get completely nervous around many on a bikes or on foot because of that, and today I had to lay on the horn as this idiot school girl on her bike was busy with her cell and had headphones in both ears, slowly weaved right in front of me. She keeps on with what she is doing and just moves back towards the sidewalk without any acknowledgment of what just happened. Even though I slowed down to almost neutral speed and had I still hit her... I would be completely at fault.

I also agree with chotto. I mean how many times do I see people in a hurry even though the light is already red with a car or two already at full stop? It's even more frustrating when you are trying to merge or turn and can't because people refuse to let you cut through even though you are not supposed to block a street or just don't want to let you through. Ironically it's the truck drivers that give way to me.

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