Truck driver arrested for fatal hit-and-run in Kanagawa


A 68-year-old truck driver was arrested on Monday for hitting a 70-year-old cyclist and then fleeing the scene in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The cyclist, Toshiyuki Aoki, died in the incident.

Masaru Yamaguchi was arrested for allegedly hitting Aoki with his truck around 7 a.m. while the victim was cycling across the street at a green light. Yamaguchi fled the site but was later arrested after witnesses told police the registration number of his truck.

Yamaguchi was quoted by police as saying, “I didn't know I hit anybody."

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He didn't know he hit anybody? No surpises there. I've seen the way these cowboys drive. Head down, death grip on the steering wheel and screaming, "Bonzai!" as they rattle through an intersection at 80kph.

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[Yamaguchi was quoted by police as saying, “I didn’t know I hit anybody.”]

then your driving license should be revoked and you go to jail for manslaughter and gross negligence.

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68 and still working as a truck driver. How many of these have we seen in the past couple of months. What ever happened to the japanese retirement paradise plan? You know the one where they were told to work your ass off for the good of the company/country and we will take good care of you in your retirement. Seem like the japanese are going to have to work until they are on their deathbed (which will be at home because the hospitals are full of headache patients).

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Ans why did the truck driver failed to stop at the red light? Yeah, I know the answer, "I was afraid to brake, the load might slip".

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At 68 the eye-hand(foot) coordination aint what it used to be. At 7:00 am there is no excuse for not seeing a man on a bicycle in a cross walk (of course that's just lip service, of course he saw him and he knew he hit him).

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of course he saw him

Well, maybe not - since it was raining at that time and trucks are generally bad for foggy windows, etc.

and he knew he hit him

Most probably the case.

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Maybe his brakes were also 68years old?

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It is possible what he said; ...“I didn’t know I hit anybody.” We have to consider that truck is not the same as passengers vehicle. If he was drunks or on drugs than charge can be solid as gold. I doubt that he did hear anything while hit the victim. Trucks are very noisy when on the roads. This we could compare like Elephant on the go or RUSSIAN TANK.

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Which ever way, I would say accidents do not just happen. They are caused, period.

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