Two 19-year-olds arrested for home break-in and robbery


Police in Ayase, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested two 19-year-old men on suspicion of breaking in to the residence of a man in his 80s and robbing him in March.

According to police, the suspects, who cannot be named because they are minors, are an unemployed resident of Kyoto City and a second-year university student from Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, local media reported. Police said both have admitted to the charge.

Police said the pair broke into the victim’s home at around 4:20 a.m. on March 23. They woke up the man, his wife, daughter-in-law and grandchild. They then threatened the man with a crowbar and demanded he hand over any cash in his safe.

They stole 50,000 yen in cash and a watch worth 1.1 million yen. The man was knocked down when he tried to resist and sustained injuries requiring one week to heal.

Police said they believe the two suspects may be part of a gang and were ordered from the Kansai region to commit crimes targeting private homes in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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It is terrible from my POV that they cannot be named at 19 for being "minors". Also, I don't know why cases show up after months of the incident. These two, at 19, already should know very well to distinguish right from wrong and should be given a punishment so when they are set free, they won't reoffend again.

I know that some argue that at 19, a person is still somehow immature, but even I having autism and late maturity (even being sometimes immature now at 28) I was mature enough at 19 to know that doing such a thing was plain wrong and bad.

Hoping for both, a rehabilitation of these two young men, and a quick trauma--mental recovery to the elderly man.

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@ Hokkaidoboy

It is terrible from my POV that they cannot be named at 19 for being "minors"

It's nonsense, isn't it? The very idea that, at 19, they are not responsible as adults for their

actions is a blight on Japanese society.

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Actually hardly worth mentioning the story really.

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They are not minors, Japan needs to drop the age limit to 15 so kids can be help responsible to their foolish acts and may be start to grow up.

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So, two “adults” (19y) didheavily compounded, ‘breaking & entering’ crimes;

in darkness (March 4:20am): Burglary!

Occupant home: Robbery!

-Threats: Assault!

With a a weapon: Aggravated Assualt.

-Woke-up Family (women & children) to witness threats: Unlawful Criminal Confinement of multiple persons

-Demanded money: Extortion under threats of Violence.

ALL counts, multiple “felonies” in most civilized G20 countries to be tried as “adults” and facing imprisonment with other “adults”.

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They know the crime but they were minor?

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Agree with everyone above finding it difficult to accept the notion of 19-year olds as “minors”. From the point of view of someone who doesn’t live in Japan, Japanese law on this seems ridiculous.

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19-year-old men.

They are 19 year old men however in Japan they are still considered children?

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Maybe since they haven't been convicted yet their names and photos shouldn't be published, as is the journalistic practice in most of the rest of the world...

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I predict a bright future when even gang members are already university students. lol

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Your point being ‘what’ exactly ? @Thaikickboxer 9:33am (btw: Welcome! (back)

- “yeah right.” - ["ALL counts, multiple “felonies”, tried as “adults”, facing imprisonment with “adults”.] - Read the news coming out of the US please.“ -

The only ’news’ you cite is a JT article:

- - Which comment is yours?

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Lock the street trash up for 15 years to think about their crimes.

And, no - they are NOT children. Old enough to vote, old enough to commit serious crimes - old enough to go to prison.

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According to police, the suspects, who cannot be named because they are minors

The way the law is enforced here, under-20s are almost free to commit any crime they want. There should be a little more common-sense interpretation of the age limit.

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At least a crime like this is treated seriously in Japan. Well done J police!

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In any other country in the world, this would not make national news. Japan's low crime rate never ceases to amaze me.

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