Two bodies found at soil storage site near Fukui highway


Police in Ono, Fukui Prefecture, are investigating the deaths of a man and woman whose bodies were found at a surplus construction soil site near a highway.

According to police, a worker at the site found the two bodies at around 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The storage site is located just off National Route 158.

Police said the victims were both in their 60s and their throats had been cut. No ID was found on either body. The man had short gray hair and was roughly 165 centimeters tall. He was wearing a gray polo shirt, khaki-colored work trousers and white shoes. The woman also had short hair and was roughly 160 centimeters tall. She was wearing a black t-shirt and cardigan, blue jeans and white shoes. The clothing on both bodies was not disheveled in any way, police said.

According to investigators, a utility knife was discovered near the crime scene, which is 500 meters north of Kuzuryu Dam. In order to transport sediment, the male worker who reported the incident to the police had come to the area for a preliminary inspection.

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Well quite clearly they were executed deliberately.

Scary stuff

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"Well quite clearly they were executed deliberately.

Scary stuff"

You are telling me. Ono is small town of only 30,000 people. Very sleepy farming town. Isolated from the rest of Fukui, the only way in and out is through a tunnel (or an old very curvy long road through the mountains). Ono has had few strange murders in the last decade. A teenger stomped his grandparetns to death. And a wandering gangster was passing through and decided to rob a combini there for a few yen and then proceeded to knife the employee to death in front of 5 trillion security cameras.

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I’m gonna our my money on a family member. Possibly motivated by getting their pension. It’s a pretty common scenario although, the bodies are usually left to rot in cupboards.

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feel sorry for the worker. ever seen two old people with throats cut?

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Well will have to wait and see who Police like for this murder. Takes some serious fortitude to just cut two throats back to back. This was personal.

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Hey guys, not a native. I have a question for the Japanese. Why is Japan so ''hyped'' in the media and on social media? From a outsider Japan is seem to made like heaven, but once putting some more research into the country, you can find some disturbing ''phenomena'' and some bad statistics, regarding suicide/lonely deaths and karoshi (death due to overwork). Can natives please explain if I'm wrong or why I may be having this ''image''. Thanks. And btw, I would love to visit Japan soon, I love the country but the ''bias'' is just unfair imho towards ''beautiful life in Japan''.

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