Two men arrested for beating junior employee in mountains


Two men, who work for a construction company, have been arrested for beating a junior employee of the same company in the mountains of Matsuura in Nagasaki Prefecture. 

According to police, the incident occurred at around 8 p.m. on Aug 18, Fuji TV reported. Police said the two men, Ryuji Maeda, 29, and Ryota Fuse, 21, drove their 19-year-old subordinate to the mountains in Imafukucho where they tied him to a tree with a rope. They then beat him with wooden sticks which were left nearby.

The victim suffered broken bones, police said, adding they are questioning the two suspects about their motive.

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Note to self, when the company tough guys say...

"Hey buddy, wanna come for a hike in the woods with us?"

Tell them, "maybe next time"

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Described as a subordinate not a coworker, that's part of the problem right there. I've worked in some pretty volatile work places but never had broken bones or tied to a tree! Was hung out a second story window by my ankles but that was 35 years ago. Spray painted purple with pink spots, a tad embarrassing on the train home. But not beaten. Management should have been aware of a problem that's if they weren't behind it.

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Construction company....hmmm

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We always used to pull pranks on trainees and apprentices although, this does not seem like a prank at all. This is a beating for a purpose. My guess would be money related or the young fella said something bad to the manager about the thugs that beat him up.

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2 more for prison!

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Awful. Sounds like the victim is lucky to be alive. Wonder why they were so pissed at him.

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Chimpira/bosozoku types, no doubt...

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Why would anyone be a subordinate of these two? Bully culture much?

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Well rule #-1 Learn to fight & to hold your own in a fight, rule #-2 Always carry a weapon for when the odds are against you and rule #-3 Always be on your guard and never ever trust anyone. This all could have been avoided if the subordinate would have followed this simple three rules. Hope he recovers 100%.

-9 ( +2 / -11 )

Harryo, what? It's just work. Why would anyone need to # learn to fight? #carry a weapon? Always be on guard? It's just work, go to work go home. How about mentoring a new worker, encouraging them. Not beating them or tying them to a tree, management are woefully inadequate to allow such a barbaric practices to even be considered.

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It's just work, but this story is a teller that some people take it way too seriously. It's just work. No reason for such actions.

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I agree with HARRYO. He's just calling a spade a spade. You don't really need to carry a weapon in my opinion but be aware of possible weapons around you even a glass shoved into someone's face is a good weapon, or an open container of pepper that you can throw.

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Harryo : Absolutely right. We do not live in an ideal world and our individual survival is of paramount importance to each individual. Do what ever is needed - with whatever will work - and at the end of the day be able to come home. I have a screwdriver for the occasional needed adjustments.

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Cricky I get it you live in a perfect world. But my point is if the guy knew how to defend & protect himself and hold his own in a fight. Maybe this would not of happened to him & just maybe he could have been the guy who walked away without any broken bones.

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This is the DARK SIDE, that is far far too pervasive here in Japan of that often trotted out, the Sempai/Kohai thing!

Far too often it is about BULLYING, too little mentoring.

This is a case that is insanely off the tracks & I hope these two a rightly jailed!

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@HARRYOToday  10:45 am JST

Here are some other outcomes:

1) The bullies also have weapons, and they thrash him even worse.

2) They don't, so they retreat, but they complain to the boss THEY were threatened with a weapon. The boss sides with them.

3) They retreat, but they NEXT time they bring more buddies with weapons.

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I think everyone has valid points.

Theres not much point telling a bullied and beaten person that they should’ve trained to be tougher. It may be counter productive at that point.

That being said, people don’t mess with tough people. Whos gunna mug the 100kg 6’3 guy at the end of the alley? You gotta be desperate to do that, even if there were two of you.

I am glad I learned self defense and martial arts. There is a way you can carry yourself so that you are respected.

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