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Two men rob Osaka taxi driver


A 62-year-old taxi driver was attacked by two men near Minami Ibaraki station in Osaka early Friday, police said. The driver suffered minor facial injuries after one of the men cut him with a knife. The suspects, who were in their 20s, took 10,000 yen from the driver before fleeing.

According to police, the two men approached the parked taxi, pretending to be customers. One of them punched the driver, while the other slashed him with a knife. After grabbing the money, they took off on a minibike.

Police believe the robbery is not related to other recent assault cases against taxi drivers in Osaka because the method employed was different.

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Maybe they bought the minibike with the money they robed with the previous cases. Like it's going, they ll get caught in a luxurious car...

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There were just hungry for money to get some drugs or booze. Case is not related to previous incidents as circumstances are different. It could also be that driver just hand over his money, but if he didn't than this could be murder case. Cops wouldn't know until they apprehend offenders.

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So if I slash a taxi driver, then punch him, would it be unrelated?

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Might not be related - in the sense of it being the same group.

Japan is the land of copy cats. People can't come up with ideas for themselves, so they wait for other to do so, and then run out and do the same thing.

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It's only the beginning! The lawless youth and ghostly police force are a recipe for many more of these kinds of offenses.

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Not related??? That's just stupid... I guess the J-cops think the rash of Taxi robberies has been caused by one person then? I already knew it but this just confirms the J-cops won't be solving most of these cases anytime soon.

Ok, it's not related, it's just "inspired by"...

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