Two men rob ramen restaurant of Y234,000


Two men robbed a ramen restaurant in Bando, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Tuesday morning.

According to police, two men came in through the back door just as the 32-year-old manager was locking up at 1 a.m. TV Asahi reported that the intruders bound the manager's hands and eyes with tape and took a key from his pocket which they used to open the safe.

Police said the thieves took 218,000 in cash from the safe, as well as 16,000 yen from the manager's wallet.

Police said they are checking surveillance camera footage of the suspects to try and determine their identity.

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A***!!!!! They already had the money from the store, but they just had to take some poor wage slaves` money too???

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Sadly, Ibaraki is becoming the new Saitama.

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How dare they rob a Ramen shop!

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Had to be an inside job fort hem to know the manager kept the key to the safe. Shouldn't be too difficult to track these clowns down.

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Narrow the list down on who knew that the manager kept a key for the safe on him.

You can also blame the manager for a lack of security on the safe. Such as a spray form of dye that does not wash off for a month that will automatically fill the room full of dye so anyone in it gets the spay and can then be dicovered and brought to justice.

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My mum comes from ibaraki-ken, and whenever i tell her about news from ibaraki (which is mostly robbery) she just laughs and replies "yep, this is ibaraki alright, robbing a ramen shop eh? guess some things never change" :/

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That had to be more than one day's take for a ramen shop--why keep so much cash in the store? Kind of asking for trouble. But I hope they catch the culprits!

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