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Two men stabbed with scissors in Yamaguchi convenience store car park


Two men were stabbed with a pair of scissors early Sunday morning in a convenience store car park in Hofu City, police said Monday.

Police said that the two men, aged 38 and 25, were stabbed in their necks at about 3 a.m. outside the convenience store, and that the men were taken to hospital and their injuries were not life-threatening. Police received information that the attacker was driven to the convenience store by a chauffeur service for people under the influence of alcohol, where he bought a pair of scissors and argued with a number of customers and people passing by before stabbing the men and running off.

Police later arrested Katsuyoshi Ishii, a 33-year-old salesman and resident of Hofu City, for attempted murder after tracking him to a restaurant around 7 p.m. Sunday. Ishii said he had been drinking before the incident and admitted to stabbing the men, but denied he intended to kill them, police said.

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Humm. Must be Sewing season.

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5-10 yrs in the US or a spanking here....oh its ok you were drinkin...

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"didn't intend to kill them"? are all the criminals here retarded? he stabbed them in the neck, not the hand. what did he think would happen? man, criminals here are an insult to criminals everywhere...

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Heck North American criminals use something better the scissors in being a proper knife. Really what is in the mind of some people?

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"...driven to the convenience store... where he bought a pair of scissors.."

What is a J-convenience store doing selling deadly weapons "assault scissors!" at such a late hour when belligerent intoxicated morons can get their hands on them? This "scissor loophole" that allows dangerous criminals (disguised as otherwise normal 33 year old males) to buy such weapons late at night must be closed at once by amending the sword, knife and scissor laws in Japan.

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Now is time to ban 'scissors.' Only hairdressers should have with permit from police. Here is another example of 'alcohol fuel.' Are you kidding me? You have in Japan 'chauffeur service for people under the influence of alcohol?' Shouldn't chauffeur' drove him home instead of stopping in convenience store. Such chauffeurs should handcuff drunken passengers until they reach customers home destination.

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Outlaw scissors!

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It should be interesting to read the followup story in a few months on how the J-cops handle this case in comparison to a foriegner in the same situation.

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was it a foreigner who sold him the scissors, or drove him there, or got him drunk, ... martyman, i dont recallthat story

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