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Two men steal Y49 million diamond ring from De Beers boutique at Nagoya department store


Police said Monday they are looking for two men in connection with the theft of a ring worth 49 million yen from a department store in Nagoya.

According to police, staff at the De Beers boutique on the second floor of Matsuzakaya department store, contacted police to report that a ring had gone missing on Sunday evening. It is believed to have stolen after being viewed by two male customers, TV Asahi reported.

Employees say the men visited the store at about 7:45 p.m. and requested to examine the ring, which included a 4-carat diamond. The pair then left the store 15 minutes later when the store closed, following which staff noticed that the ring had not been returned to its case, TV Asahi reported.

Both men were described as being in their 40s and of non-Japanese appearance. One of the men is thought to have been around 160cm in height and the other 170cm.

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160cm in height and the other 170cm.

height is right for Japanese. Non Japanese in appearance could be anything. Why were they non Japanese? I think some staff are going to lose their jobs over this.

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That's what you get for handing over a half million dollar ring to a couple of Gaijin.

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The staff must have been telepathic to ascertain that the men didn't have Japanese nationality.

It is a pity that they didn't have the smarts to make sure the merchandise was back in the case!

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seems like inside job !

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Staff procedures could have been better in this case...

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lo! wow!! "may i see that ring" "sure" thief walks away lol!

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Damn how do you not notice something like that, sounds like an inside job to me.

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Inside job , with the "gaijins did it" excuse.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

"staff noticed that the ring had not been returned to its case,"

Sounds like the staff let the very valuable ring out of their sight and worse, expected the men to return it to its case. Even 'Imposters Jewelry Stores' have a tighter security.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

merchandise at that level, they should have had bodyguards standing by.. a hard lesson learned.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

So, the staff ave these guys a $50k diamond ring to look at and walked away? Are you serious? And now, they are wondering why and how it got ripped off? Hilarious!

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Good luck trying to sell that ring in such a bad economy.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

erik they can sell it anywhere! theres always a buyer it just comes to price!

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So where is the vidio? And who was behind the counter?,MOE CURLY & LARRY??!

2 ( +3 / -1 )

What likely happened:

Gaijins:"May we see the ring?"

Clerk: "Sure, here you go"

G:"Holly crapola, I failed at counting the zeros in the price", return ring.

C:"Hmm - here is my chance!!! " swallows ring.

15 minutes later the alarm is given that two gaijin have stolen the ring.

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I have seen most jewlery stores have to buzz in a customer and they would never leave a expensive item unattended.This could be a inside job.

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... so you're telling me that if these two geniuses had just returned any sort of fake glass replacement this crime would never have been noticed?

As for the ring, it's unsellable, all diamonds these days are tagged with a code carved into the diamond and a stone that size would be instantly identifiable.

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It's unbelievable that:

1> There is no video footage.

2> The store clerk let the ring out of their sight.

3> They didn't notice until 15 minutes later.

Also non Japanese suggests Asian but the staff is trying to suggest that they are gaijin (more likely to perpetrate a crime). They were short!

Smells so much of an inside job.

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Try $500K not $50K!!

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Oh well they certainly couldn't have been Japanese, because Japanese people are all upstanding citizens who would never consider stealing a ring! /sarcasm

How did their conversation go? Customer: May I see this extremely expensive ring please? Clerk: Sure. I'm going to go to the bathroom for a minute, can you make sure to put it back in the case when you are done?

There is no reason at all for their eyes to have left that ring for a minute while in the hand of a customer.

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So staffs did not check the ring before allowing customers to leave? No security camera? What if somebody of store took it then using those two foreign men as sacrificial lambs?

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The article says it was worth 49 million, but I am going to bet that was the price on the price tag, not what it was worth. It was probably worth half that, considering the ridiculous mark-up of jewelry stores.

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