Two more Japanese detained for spying in China: media


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Japanese held by Chinese authorities for espionage

For what? - More rubbish from Asia's troublemakers. Perhaps the chinese think Japanese want to steal their technology - yeh right

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A Japanese woman in her 50s may be a honeytrap?

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@moon1, nobody would be surprised if that was the case, esp military. Heck, China has a lot more going on than Jpn or US, esp envious Japan has zero innovation in anything but accuses China of everything (as if self-righteous Jpn doesn't copy others too, LOL).

In any case, Abe's new CIA/NSA spy units are a TOTAL JOKE, already caught before anything is achieved ( are Abe's spies aware of rule number 1?: never get caught, esp. in such an embarrassing way). Mission impossible, and the operating key word is Impossible, like amateurish/inept/clueless.

China outplays Jpn in everything and for good reasons too.

Abe's spies??...ha ha they are a laughing stock in the eyes of the intelligence community and China.

Mr. Bean would have done a far better job.

Good luck with that, Jpn and Moon1!!

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It's possible. China's military is quite tasty, so it would be of interest to find out what's going on there.

Then again, the businessmen could be just that - except that their business is also someone else's business, you know what I mean? A few trumped-up charges later, and the competition has been eliminated.

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ringman2 you are a funny if not deluded person. China stealing from japan and USA for years - you really do live on another planet. You use the word envious and say Japan has zero innovation. I would say a country that constantly steals (everyone but you knows it) is a country without innovation

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People seem better leave China as soon as possible as China will try to detain anybody because they are just suspicious. China wants to use them as political card for some kinda demands regarding the issues of South/East China Sea.

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ringman2 : ""Abe's spies??...ha ha they are a laughing stock in the eyes of the intelligence community and China."

Like you would know

Anyone can see this is china's protest to the new security measures Japan has taken recently. Now they can say "See we told you Japan were getting all military...." China are hypocrites and known liars, why should anyone believe them

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Funny ! This is really funny !

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Japan admitted to increasing their spying activities. My guess is these JP "spies" stick out like sore thumbs

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America detained thousands of Japanese, including the elderly, on suspicion of being spies or becoming spies. That was at a time when Japan was colonizing, brutalizing, running amok and murdering in China.

America runs spy flights just outside of Chinese airspace daily, if not almost daily.

Both American and Japan are highly interested in Chinese military developments. There is nothing funny or strange about the possibility of Japanese spies in China. It is not impossible or ridiculous that these people might actually be spies or that China has the capability to locate spies, especially considering the spying that goes on in maintaining the great firewall of China.

That people laugh or scoff goes to show just how effective the western mass media brainwashing campaign has been with regards to opinions about China.

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So Sankei is spying on us right now?.

Or is it more then software?

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China spies on everyone,whats the big deal?

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Naive comments won't help.

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As far as there are no consequences, whatever there is

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Private Japanese senior citizens detained on suspicion of spying in China although they we not near any military installation and have no record of being involved with any government agency. Yeah, spies right. facepalm.

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Quit your whining Japan. Stop spying on China and the problem's solved.

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So if I go to China frequently without a clear purpose, I'm going to get arrested for espionage? Nownow, isn't China a little paranoid there?

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It seems paranoia.

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Japan is spying....umm I don't know what to think, China is too paranoid thought!

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Wow! This is not good. TPP vs. China are about to ratchet things up and now more of this?? International Intrigue!!

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I think the Japanese school the woman runs has many Chinese students. She is probably helping them a lot, helping find their lodging or even take some of poor students into her home. She may be visiting those Chinese ex-students who are kind to invite her, or on business trip to invite new students to her school.

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What you think matters absolutely nothing at all. What matters is what actually happened.

We don't know what actually happened so I'm speculating. Do you mind?

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@Peace Out what does the US have to do with the tile "Two more Japanese detained for spying in China: media?

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Reading Chinese Weibo, it seems as if the Japanese Language teacher was a Chinse who had natualized to a Japanese citizen. Her relatives still lives in mainland China and she had frequently visited them. Not really anything related to espionage. Basically what are PRC's evidence for these cases anyways. We hear they have detained the Japanese as suspects but we have yet to hear what evidence they have against these people.

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