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Two Somali pirates admit charges in Japanese court


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What hang the pirates? It must be shoot to kill. Funny how some try to apply the law on lawless people. I'm even afraid if they would have an eloquent lawyer they'd be set free because poverty and illiteracy made them do it. And we the humane, decent and compassionate society won't even give them a chance to live right here in Japan. It's going bananas!

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this is the right country for hanging pirates,,,,,ARRRRGG!

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keel hauling - the only valid punishment for pirates.

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Hang the pirates, this will solve the problem.

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Waxman, what they do is borne out of poverty and lawlessness. Screaming for blood just perpetuates the problem. The pirates that put to sea need work and security and their masters, the guys buying houses in Kenya, are the really nasty ones. Sadly the security forces almost never get to them.

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IMHO any form of piracy deserves the most severe punishment possible and the most sereve that Japan has is hanging.

So if found guilty let these pirates take their few steps to the gallows and them let them swing..

Only way to end piracy is to treat it like a disease and stop trying to baby it.

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trinklets2, you are confusing the rigths combatants that are signatories to the Geneva Conventions. These pirates are not as they are unlawful combatants. They should not be afforded the rights that uniformed legal combatants receive. They are criminals and should be held to the some penalties afforded until Japanese Law.

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And besides, reverse the situation, suppose you were caught by those somali pirates, would you be given decent food and lodging nor would you last a day alive?

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**** @rickyvee, when they were caught, the case was just hijacking since nobody died. But what about those other times when they hijacked and killed ship personnel? The comments are as offensive as those pirates. Imagine them being in jail and fed by my tax. Imagine me working for 850 yen an hour for 8 hrs since there's no available OT and the city hall kept sending notice for delayed city tax and hoken. They might be eating better than I. So what is offensive?

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Great. Two more mouths to feed for Tax payers for the next ten years.

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The pirates are starting to realize that piracy doesn't pay. Too bad these Somali men didn't come to that realization sooner. According to the International Maritime Bureau only 75 attacks were reported off Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, down from 237 cases in 2011. Somali pirates hijacked 14 ships, half the total in 2011. Let's hope the numbers go down even further in 2013.

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sorry but people calling for the death penalty for hijacking is a bit much. the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

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SwissToni - Hope u read this.....

Men armed with submachine guns tried to seize the tanker, which was operated by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and had 24 crew members aboard, reports said.

No harm happened this time, but those 24 could be dead, and ask those families how they feel whose innocent sons and daughters have lost lives for nothing. These illiterate terrorists have only one thing in mind, kill or get killed. Now I give you three options, tell me what you choose;

Deport them (and they kill people again in or near Somalia) Punish them in Japan and keep them locked forever (obviously the taxpayer have to afford their expenses) We put a bullet in their head and case closed.

I've been Kenya on business trips couple of times and these pirates have purchased a lot of property in Kenya after killing innocent people. Now many of them live life in Kenya as nothing ever happened. These pirates need to be eradicated else someone you know may become a victim someday.

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It amazes me, those that scream 'ROUND EM UP, PUT EM IN A FIELD AND BOMB THE BASTARDS!' would have us declare war on the whole world. I imagine when you grow up you'll get tired of it.

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Bullet in head.....nothing less! They are brutal terrorists and jail in Japan for them is 100 times better compared to their life in Somalia. Do u wanna feed these barbarians with ur tax money??????

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I just hope that after what ever sentence these pirates face, they are not released into Japanese society. As they are both 1) illiterate and uneducated and 2) Not Japanese citizens. Although it would also be strange to even incarcerate criminals from foreign waters rather then dealing with them the same way Russians and South Koreans would.

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I tend to agree with jefflee, as we have seen time and again with these type of people from this region they really only understand one thing and that is violence and death. To them anything less is not a lesson but a reward.

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Tie them up and make them walk the plank into shark infested waters!

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The Koreans shot and killed a bunch of them. The British military held a bunch of them, gave them a Halall meal and then promptly released them.

I'm with the Korean approach on this one.

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"The suspects are believed to be in their 20s or 30s, but reportedly said they were not certain of their own dates of birth."

One can only imagine the delays and teeth sucking this caused when filing the paperwork for this trial.

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so the question really is what will happen to them now? deported or jail in japan or what?

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