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U.N. launches new campaign against global organized crime


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The good place to start this campaign is U.N. that should set good examples in the first place.

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The second place to go would be Mexico and the druggies.

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First place before Mexico maybe to all of the drug addicts in the USA and the rest of the so called developed nations that make this HUGE demand for drugs, because as we all know, it takes 2 to tango, right?? No demand in the USA/Western Europe/Japan etc..then mafias in Latin America would not be killing each other to risk their lives to make $$$$ by selling drugs north of the border, right??

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China makes most of the counterfeit Louis Vuitton and all the other name brand stuff. So are they going to close China's factories? I doubt it. Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East grow the poppy for opium and the marijuana and the hashish. Are they going to those countries and demand they stop growing their money crops? I doubt it. Colombia and the coca leaf, I really don't know what is coming to countries from Mexico, I guess it's cocaine and marijuana. The police in Mexico have found a few tunnels dug in Mexico that lets you out in the US. Roomy tunnels with electricity and everything. 16 states in the US have decriminalized marijuana and medical marijuana is grown legally in New Mexico and California. I believe Canada has decriminalized marijuana too.

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Will be a huge success like their campaigns against so many other evils.

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if countries legalized drugs like Amsterdam at least the Govt's would make the from being given to the crime syndicates and checked imports from China for counterfeit products. Human trafficking well I don't know how to solve that.

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Govt's would make the money being given to the crime syndicates

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How do these global syndicates manage to operate covertly considering the massive surveillance in our society today.

Don't these guys use cell phones and email? How do these groups cross borders without being detected.

I wonder.

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The second place to go would be Mexico and the druggies.

Agreed. Mexico is full of corruption. Have the Mexicans be responsible for cleaning up their cesspool of a government.

Oh, and close the UN too.

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Like all things the UN does, it will do a whole lot of good. Right? I have to agree with HawaiiVisitor, close the damn place, it's a disgrace to its own name.

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