U.N. sounds alarm on widespread designer drug use


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Solution: legalize the all-natural, non-toxic variety of spice (marijuana), and your problem is solved. We've gone alone with this farce long enough.

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I'm watching a TV show now called "Boardwalk Empire" about the Irish ganges ruling New Jersey before the Italians mafia moved in on them. Very well done.

But it is about prohibition. Very obvious parallels to our drug policies today. Creating more problems than it solves.

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Besides the obvious medical expenses that we end up paying, why do we care if these people mess themselves up? Toss them out in the rain.

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Yes they do extend beyond synthetic marijuana, as the article mentions, but spice is the one example where the natural version of the drugs they are attempting to regulate is NOT dangerous, as well as the only one I've tried. You can't overdose on MJ. I don't know if you can on spice, but I did feel bad when I did it...extreme paranoia, shakes and sweating. And there Is evidence of people having psychotic episodes when partaking in it.But touche, if they can determine that some of them are harmless, or at least no more harmful than the "natural" variety, then by al means, have at it.

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I have been in contact with people who frequently used synthetic "marijuana" and it is bad (or used to be three years ago in the southeast U.S.) for your health. I might be stating the obvious here but please, take my word for it that the artificial chemicals they spray on these smokable herbs are diverse and very with each passing month.

The people that used these "legal drugs" soon became susceptible to many different ailments. Some changed mentally as if they smoked meth. Some experienced acute cardiovascular problems "one guy, who was an acquaintance, died of a heart attack while smoking this legal incense". The majority of the uneducated youth's from then out experienced permanent delayed mental functionality. After realizing that I no longer felt normal, I separated myself from anything associated with "legal herbs".

I, regrettably, was one of these unfortunate idiots. Me, I now suffer from muscular dystrophy and impaired mental functionality. I struggle to recollect many terms and especially mathematical formulas.

You may not believe that I suffer from what I claim, but it is much, much easier for me to sound intelligent when I have time to type what I mean versus having a actual conversation with me in real time.

Please, it took me a little over an hour to type this.

Warn people how dangerous this shit really is, please.

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A very good post, Murakame Kenji San. I hope you get gradually better.

Good luck telling people your experiences.

Me, I still have memory problems from the natural marijuana I smoked at college over 40 years ago. Glad that things were relatively simpler back then, although we had Ketamine and Angel Dust etc.

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