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UBS Japan pays $100 mil in Libor rate-fixing case


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So who do they pay the fine to? Who gets that 100 million?

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Who is this senior trade at UBS? They had so many scandals that it is hard to keep up.

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I knew a lot of the guys- I am wondering which one (or more) it was.

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a simple search will give you the names guys -

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Money goes to doJ, so the US Government. It is noticable that DoJ appears not to have brought any large US banks to justice......

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We learn quick from the American Regime, those weapons cost money, who better to get it from the rich bankers just cook up some laws to penalise them, they will all pay up.

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...sentenced UBS Securities Japan Co Ltd to a $100 million fine in which it also admitted criminal conduct

Has anyone gone to jail for any of this?

Does the answer rhyme with NO?

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Bankers are becoming as bad a word as lawyers.

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@lost thats why theyve got there own name now "BANKSTERS"

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total fine: 1.5 billion, total profits: untold billions. not much incentive to stop now is there?

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