Unlawful sales of Japan Post Insurance products found


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"There is an issue with the management if the market does not appreciate it."

So if the market doesnt take issue then there is no problem? That's pure BS. Japan post should never have been privatized, as you have career bureaucrats running what is in effect the worlds largest bank,

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 official had forged an insurance contract application form without a customer's consent

That just a fraud!

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Did the NHK salesmen change jobs and start working for Japan Post?

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The same thing happened at Wells Fargo bank when their management set unrealistic sales targets. Employees of Japan Post are also expected to sell a certain number of new years cards too. Of course, these targets do not apply to the half-wit managers who set them and who think sales can be increased by decree.

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Interesting that people can clearly see the ineptitude here of Japanese officials, yet when it comes to trade disputes with other countries Japanese officials are suddenly viewed as blameless by many.

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Both Japan Post and Japan Post Insurance have admitted to the three cases of unlawful sales.

One's brain would be frozen to believe it was only three cases. I can bet my savings that the practice was rampant and management knew but turned a blind eye as it resulted in increased sales.

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The "Japanese officials" here are sales managers. I wouldn't automatically tar the Japanese negotiators, members of the civil service, with the same brush.

You can get a good look into the workings at ground level in the insurance wing of Japan Post in a BBC documentary called "Japan: A Story of Love and Hate". It's easy to find online. It's about a guy selling insurance for JP called Naoki, a former rager-against-the-machine who is charismatic, eloquent, and very world weary. He doesn't earn enough to get by and sponges off his younger hostess girlfriend, the two of them locked in a no hope, no future abyss. The JP seen in the documentary does not look that atypical, the same tired routines and soul-destroying pressures you see in many Japanese companies. For other companies the net result has been falsified quality data. Here at JP, the fraud has been more conventional.

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kohakuebisuToday  09:58 am JST

yes, that's a wonderful (sort of) documentary, but it's been removed form YouTube due to © and all..... don't know if it's available in full elsewhere.....

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re: the above..... available in full and free at

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This type of fraud is rampant throughout the business community. Twice by different companies my wife and I were asked to sign apparently non binding contracts to help the sales man meet his managers monthly quota. And these were well known national companies. We refused as a contract is a contract for me but apparently not for them.

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The Kampo agents are ruthless, and I still cannot figure out how they gain entrance to my building so easily.

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They've taken a page from the Wells Fargo sales manual...

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Everyone knows full well who has been overseeing the privatization of Japan Post, and if you believe gov't officials don't have their fingers in this pie I have tickets for the opening and closing 2020 Summer Olympic games ceremonies you can buy.

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You can get a good look into the workings at ground level in the insurance wing of Japan Post in a BBC documentary called "Japan: A Story of Love and Hate". 

A fantastic documentary of the type that the BBC does superbly well - a look into what it is like being poor in Japan- something many of us never really get to see.

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it is time for Japan to operate in English. If 3rd parties are only Japanese, nothing will change or improve. Pls mark my words.

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