Prosecutors consider summary indictment of Abe aides: report


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Just leave them alone with a katana, that's the essence of Japanese justice. The Shogan walks away to offend again.

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Why have they not been arrested and taken into custody?

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I’m beginning to think Abe is a fox and Suga a weasel...

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This feels so... anticlimactic. These prosecutors were on a roll, they were getting good evidence, they got good confessions, and they had Mr. Abe in their sights. And then after a voluntary interview with Mr. Abe who said he had no idea, it must have been his staff; and after his staff said, Mr. Abe didn't know, it's all our fault -- well, the prosecutors suddenly back down and don't even take these men to a formal trial? Could the Justice Minister have leaned on them to reach this conclusion?

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I want a fight with LDP and Prosecutors to happen. That's the only way we can revise the archaic injustice system.

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Something that is slippery and can't be caught is called slimy.

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