Nissan top exec Munoz resigns amid broadened Ghosn probe

By Naomi Tajitsu

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He saw the writing on the wall and got out, good move... Nissan is a disgrace

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Cue the Doors, “This is the end.” for NISSAN.

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"Unfortunately, Nissan is currently involved in matters that have and will continue to divert its focus," Munoz said in his post. "As I have repeatedly and recently made clear to the company, I look forward to continuing to assist Nissan in its investigations."

People with knowledge of the issue have said that Munoz, who had been placed on a leave of absence earlier in the month, had not been co-operating with the internal investigation.

Cooperating or not cooperating? Anyways, Mr. Munoz if you are reading this I urge you to never come to Japan. They may be waiting at the airport to take you to a prison cell to make a coerced confession to things you may or may not have done. Enjoy your life in the US.

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Saikawa pressured him to leave, so he can clear Nissan from foreigners and buy back Nissans shares as its continuing to drop on the stock exchage away from Renault, this is the reality and humiliaiton of practices here in the corporate world..

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Japan's Legal system is heading towards that of China's, not surprised he wished to leave before the attention fell upon him too.

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„it is struggling to shore up profitability in the United States and expand aggressively in China.“

All without foreign labour?

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'resigned' is another word for pressure to leave in Japan..

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He's in the USA, Chairman of Nissan North America operations

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Oh, make that Chinese operations. I'm guessing that means he's in China not Japan or USA. At any rate where ever he is, Nissan's friends can't get to him

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Japan's Legal system is heading towards that of China's, not surprised he wished to leave before the attention fell upon him too.

Japans legal system has reverted back to the 1930's, early 1940's. And it is getting worse.

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Jose Munoz, widely considered as a close ally to Ghosn and a possible successor to lead the automaking

So this is Nissan way to clean up anything related to Ghosn, lucky for them Japanese judicial system can work for their favor. All they need to do just make some allegations.

After that the system will take good care of Ghosn for two plus six months out from public view.

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Jose Munoz ... had been a "person of interest" in Nissan's widening internal investigation.

...until he resigned. Now he's not a person of interest because Nissan got what they wanted - another foreign executive out. If that weren't the case, it wouldn't be past tense.

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It may well turn out that they are a bunch of crooks caught with their hands in the till---time will tell.

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Japan's legal system isn't heading anywhere—it has always been like this but nobody cared until a rich foreigner was caught up in it.

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Getting all the foreigners out it seems, how does this help Nissan? They are still 43% owned by foreigners.

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Munoz may know something about Ghosn's alleged financial conduct. Or maybe he knows nothing. But the whole investigation is getting really tangled and it's difficult to know which top executives (foreign and Japanese) at Nissan knew what was going on. If Munoz was involved, resigning from the company won't save him from prosecution. He probably should issue a clearer statement through his lawyer rather than posting a few comments on LinkedIn.

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He had been a 'person of interest' to Nissan's internal investigation, is not to say he did anything wrong though, right? Nissan (not Prosecutors) are just looking for dirt on Ghosn.

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