One year after mass murder, culprit retains hatred of disabled


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The families should not be worried about him showing remorse because, as soon as he does, his sentence will be lessened. Let him keep his defiant stance and he will end up on a rope.

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Hatred comes easy to some individuals. He's possibly feeling somehow vindicated by his horrific actions by using bogymen like IS and Trump as inspiration. Rationalising the irrational.

Anders Breivik is another mass murderer, remaining convinced of his motivation and mission.

Both should be left in prison to wallow in their delusional manifestos and not given any opportunity to spread their poison any further.

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This is a prime example of the inner enemies of humanity. Insane madmen who must be isolated and, unfortunately, kept that way until the end of their days, for I doubt such profound insanity can be cured with current humane methods.

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Nobody asked YOU to protect them, Irikura. But for Christ's sake, you have a care home with dozens upon dozens of residents. You hire care workers, medical professionals, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, etc - would it be such a stretch to assume at least 1 security guard would be a good idea for every care home you operate? I'm sure even now, after a year has passed, they still haven't hired a single one. Lesson learned for sure.

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I can't imagine how much of a horrific nightmare it would have been on that terrible night. Best not to release this guy ever

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"I'm sure even now, after a year has passed, they still haven't hired a single one. Lesson learned for sure"

I agree that it would have been better if a security guard had been present. But this would not have stopped a determined killer who is obsessed with his "hatred of the disabled". Unfortunately, this is one of those things we can't perfectly protect ourselves against. We have to fall back on the policy of keeping society as healthy as possible overall.

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Somebody needs to remind Uematsu that, in fact, HE is the one who is truly 'disabled'! He will be put down soon enough...

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Those are all the people that showed up?? One of the horrors of this whole thing, aside from the obvious, is the fact that the parents still don't want to release the names of the victims so they can hide their embarrassment.

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the chap that did this Should be , The first person Japan uses against the North .If this ever happens.

just tell him Kim is disabled and needs help

As for all of those he killed my sorrows for ever remembering the sad endings they had.

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Can anyone explain the significance of writing the age of every person? What is that?

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two words: burglar alarm

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Can anyone explain the significance of writing the age of every person? What is that?

I've always found that very odd. What does it matter, unless age is of relevance to the issue.

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Satoshi Uematsu, the 27-year-old former employee of the care home who allegedly carried it out, has not stopped believing that the disabled should be eradicated."

Eradicate Uematsu....mass murderers like him dont deserve to have taxpayer money wasted on their lengthy jail stays.

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Hoping that " the alleged perpetrator will show remorse" is a waste of emotional energy and time. He will eventually end up on the end of a rope. I say 'fair enough'. Will it be a deterrent to others? No. Because a nutcase is a nutcase is a nutcase. My question would be how on Earth did this guy ever get to work in the institution. What kind of vetting system allow him in? Being a very long-term resident I know how thoroughly companies and universities vet. Seem the End-of-life institutions are getting the rough end of the pineapple. Put energy into reforming the system rather than waiting for this waste of air to show remorse.

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Once again the wheels of justice move slowly here;

Uematsu is expected to be tried by a panel of citizen and professional judges, but no trial date has been set, with not even pretrial consultations among his lawyer, prosecutors and judges arranged yet.

Much like the Aum cases that took at years and years and years, this case seems headed down a similar path.

While it may not be a totally open and shut case, the overwhelming (so far reported anyway) evidence points to this guy alone.

There should be no reason to delay giving the victims and their families closure. Everyday he sits there, without being judged, is a reminder to the family and friends of the victims that they can not move on yet.

Get it done!

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is this really "hatred" or misplaced compassion?

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