2 Japanese men arrested in China possibly over spy allegations


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This is another reason not to go to China if you have used google maps.

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What were they trying to steal from China? The secret recipe for how much mercury to add to baby formula?

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Yes, this is one of the perils of traveling through a country run by a corrupt, totalitarian gang of evil-doers that pride themselves on having no rule of law, independent judiciary, or freedom to express oneself, and where all must serve the interest of the CCP. Maybe they got lost while looking for a leprechaun...

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It seems travelers can not visit China easily if one will be secretly arrested and detained for years by suspicion of spying they think. They are just walking around with iphone or camera. China is still perfect communist.

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Some media are reporting that the men were detained for photographing warships and submarines at Hainan Naval Base (that are in plain view from a nearby park). Their geological surveying equipment was found in a subsequent vehicle search and it was deemed that it could plausibly be used for espionage.

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Japan would be pretty stupid not to spy on China, these guys just got caught. everybody has spies. even my neighbourhood has a nosey obahan who is always watching everybody, hiding behind her curtain.

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Don't they know that "Japan doesn't spy on other countries"

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These guys didn’t pay the required bribes (or they paid the wrong person), so now they’re being stitched up.

The Chinese resort company that hired them should vouch for them. I don't see that happening though. When they were first detained earlier this year, the manager of the company they work at pleaded with the Chinese govt in a press conference for their release, stating that they are long time employees and in no way involved in espionage.

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I have pictures with Chinese warships in the background. Hard to avoid when taking pictures nearby. I think this started as either as a business shake-down, or as just Chinese bureaucratic incompetence. Either way, they can't let it go now without losing face.

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I speculated the same in the original article several months ago, when they were first detained.

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Meanwhile, in a score of Western countries to which they’ve been dispatched in the guise of “students” or “tourists”, THEIR spies are getting away with a hundred times worse.

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There are thousands of chinese in the U.S doing post doc with access to future breaking technology.

America is funding china technology.

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So this is China's new excuse for abducting Japanese people?

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Miserable paranoia. Can't wait for for Zuckerburg to break through and make everybody friends.

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