2 men referred to prosecutors over lizard smuggling into Japan


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Send the lizards home!

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Oh an while the authorities are at it, please do everyone a favor and make an example of BOTH the smugglers and buyers, like "cage" them up for a few years!

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Were these lizards found during a full body scan?

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That's embarrassing. 'What are you in for?',..'armed robbery and attempted murder. what about you?' 'lizard Smuggling'

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they'll be put in the herpetology unit at the detention center while their appeal for amnesty may take years

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If you ever have a chance to have a look inside an exotic pet shop in Tokyo, be prepared for a major shock. You’ll find many endangered and protected species of animals from all over the world. It’s quite obvious that these places are not scrutinized by authorities until someone is caught importing them.

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They are just referred to prosecutors probably prosecutors not so interested.

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Its good to see the prosecutors are taking these cases seriously.

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If they are referred to prosecutors does that mean they are currently in detention?

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If they are referred to prosecutors does that mean they are currently in detention?

No, this can happen even when someone is not detained.

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There was six Japanese caught in Australia attempting to smuggle lizards, there must be some serious money getting paid to the lizard smugglers to risk a jail term.

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So poor tiny bit of MDMA Sawajiri is 23 days and cou8nting in detention but these lawbreakers smuggling endangered live animals are out free?  That's justice.

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