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21-year-old sentenced to death for crime he committed as a minor for 1st time in Japan


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All that because a girl wouldn't go on a date with him. I am glad this incel-in-training will be removed. Society is better off without him.

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The death penalty is a tough moral question. On the one hand, we may believe in growth, remorse, and eventually seeking redemption. I would say in most cases the death penalty is unjustified because of the potential for these things. On the other hand, the desire for justice by society and, more importantly, by those directly affected by the crimes. Do those two traumatized girls, whose lives have been irreversibly trampled upon, deserve the justice and peace of mind of knowing this monster is no longer a threat? Yes. As for the counterargument that locking him up for the remainder of his life would also ensure that, the answer is, rationally yes, but emotionally no. I doubt the girls would have any peace of mind if he were locked up. "What if he escapes?" "What if something changes and he is released?" Those girls deserve to live in peace. And does he deserve to live? One could argue for it, but I would argue that those girls take priority. He gave up whatever consideration should be afforded to him after he violently murdered the two parents, and then proceeded to set fire to the house with the two girls still in it. I would take the two girls' side over his any day, every day, all day. Sorry, but not for my sake, for society's sake, or for the sake of some lofty moral ideals, but for the sake of those two girls - this guy has got to go.

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Big boy crime, big boy punishment. Well done.

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It sounds fair to me. He sounds like a horrible creature and cannot be normalised by jail sentence. It’s the best if he got killed, Now the good people out there will have one less sick animal to worry about. A normal human of 19yo man wouldn’t go out killing people and burning house just because the girl doesn’t want to go out with a psychopath. He is inhuman at all levels.

I strongly disagree with EU laws to be strictly against to death penalty. That mentality doesn’t make any sense and it’s not logical. US and Japan are doing the right thing by keeping death penalty and implementing on serious crimes.

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For those posters who call it 'murder by the state', the fact is any state can make such a law, whether totalitarian or democratic. And has happened in many countries around the world, it's the people who live in those states that make their choice known, one way or the other.

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Japan murders condemned criminals by hanging.

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What this guy did is truly despicable.

But why is a law implemented in 2022 being applied to a crime that happened in 2021 ???

It doesn't seem right. !!!

Why stop at 2021? Why not go way back more and lock up a lot of juveniles who are adults now?

Please inform me!!

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ebisenToday 01:23 pm JST

Unless you've had someone in your family murdered like this you actually have no right of an opinion on this matter. You have no idea what the affected families go through. You don't ever even want to find out.

That doesn't mean it is the state's job to carry out irreversible revenge.

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A state does not have the right to murder its citizens.


Japan has every right - legally and ethically - to carry out executions. A huge amount of money will be saved over the coming several decades to keep this animal alive.

It's called taking out the trash.

The Japanese overall strongly support capital punishment.

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Unless you've had someone in your family murdered like this you actually have no right of an opinion on this matter. You have no idea what the affected families go through. You don't ever even want to find out.

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Correct punishment regardless of age.

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I find his crime wicked and evil to the extreme. However I oppose the death sentence for multiple moral reasons.

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Paul Spira Today  09:36 am JST

Bizarre and barbaric punishment.

A human being's life has the highest sanctity and value in this world.

Endo's punishment should be commensurate -- fully commensurate -- with the sanctity and value of the lives he chose to take in a premeditated crime.

You call it barbaric. But logic regards it as justice.

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I find it mildly disturbing, the delight and glee you take in capital punishment.

I read you wrote “live and let live” on another post recently.

You obviously didn’t mean that.

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Unfortunately, and this is universal, it must be made clear that if you intentionally murder someone, you’re going to give up your freedom.

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What is gained by executing him? - the procedure costs as much as simply incarcerating him for the remainder of his life

As you are a person with no dog in this fight, I am not surprised that you didn't have any compassion for the 2 daughters who lost their parents and livelihoods. Instead you are more focused on saving a brutal murderer who not only killed 2 innocent people but also destroyed the lives of 2 more who will never get over what they witnessed.

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Excellent news..

Killers must be executed...

Put those good old gallows to work!!..


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He was a child when he commited the crime. Can his life not be saved? He has his whole life ahead of him! Could he not be given a number of years in prison? In Norway the man who murdered 69 teen-aged children and 8 others was sentenced to 21 years solitary. He could be re-sentenced to another 21 years at the end of his first imprisonment - if he shows no remorse for his crimes and if he is still considered a danger to society.

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*A state does not have the right to murder its citizens.*

Or to state the above using human agents, no persons have the right to murder their fellow citizens in the name of the "state". Oh, and the usual suspect, that stinking elephant in the room, the human sex drive, often rages uncontrollable in teenage, never mind adult brains, leading to violence and tragedy - this has always been the stuff of world literature. Laguna and proxy have got it right - the condemned youth deserves to live and a chance to be rehabilitated because society needs to take more responsibility for the welfare of all its citizens by respecting the humanitarian values and code of morality it purports to uphold and by following brain science.

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19 years old really shouldn't be considered a "minor"

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Very sad. Capital punishment should be abolished because it does nothing to deter violent crime, because there will always be a risk of executing innocent people, and because it is barbaric.

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In this case i think the Death Penalty may be the proper punishment, this man could have just walked out of the house but he decided to even do more harm and damage by setting it on fire knowing that there are two more people inside. Terrible act that can't be excused.

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wow, where do you draw the line then? 19? 16? 8?

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Follow the science, they say. The science is pretty clear that at 19 a male's brain is not fully developed, in particular the frontal lobe.

The science says people under the age of 23 with brains that are not fully functional should not be held to the same standard as adults, they should neither be allowed to vote or executed.

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A state does not have the right to murder its citizens. No matter what the crime. Leave the scumbag locked-up for the rest of his natural.

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Civilized countries got rid of this barbaric punishment besides some States in the U.S. and Japan.

Governments must punish criminals yes,but ending their lives is not the solution.

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Damn. A real bad egg.

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Good. Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's "understanding".

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Good. Finally, a court ruling I can agree with.

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Agree with Laguna.

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"An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind." What is gained by executing him? - the procedure costs as much as simply incarcerating him for the remainder of his life. And who is to say that he might at some point grow aware of the atrocity of his action, demonstrate remorse, and perhaps end his life in a better spiritual state than he is now.

It is not that society owes it to him. It is that society owes it to itself.

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A ruling of justice and common sense. Japan will be better without this filth.

Rest in Peace to the innocent couple.

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Good for Japan. Get rid of this sad excuse of a human.

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