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3 children, mother found dead in Tokyo home after fire


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The father was taken to a hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. The police are waiting for him to recover so they can question him.

So many question for him, is about joint custody?

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Heartbreaking. Saw this on the news last night and it seems like another murder-suicide. I wish the people that did this kind of thing would take care of the suicide part first.

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I hope the victims will rest in peace. And condolences to the victims' families.

I also hope that this guy will rot in prison.

So many question for him, is about joint custody?

I doubt that. If it was about custody at all, than it must have been the opposite, sole custody I assume. We can only speculate about the reasons.

But that's why joint custody is so important I believe. If kids can have access to both parents after divorce, then there is one less reason to argue about during divorce. And then there is no need to kill each other.

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The father looks very suspicious.

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It was a failed murder suicide, perpetuated by the father.

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Looking forward to hearing all the reasons why this piece of trash deserves to be housed at public expense and one day allowed to go free, instead of being consigned to a swift demise at the end of a rope.

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This news made me very scared.

Why was his father living with his children even though they were divorced? I guess they still have some problems between mother and father. The most pitiful people in this case are the children who were killed. They didn’t have any problem and they didn't need to be killed. I hope these incidents will decrease as much as possible.

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the five were found collapsed on futons in a room on the first floor

he stabbed / slashed his family members one by one, so imagine the horror of seeing that and waiting your turn with no means of escape. single murders don't usually get the death penalty, but multiple murders do.

case closed!!

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