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4 injured as patient with knife escapes from hospital in western Japan


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What sane person stabs hospital workers?

Another example of mental illness coming to the fore in Japan.

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Another example of mental illness coming to the fore in Japan.

Japan has the highest number of psychiatric people, beds, hospitals per capita than anywhere else in the world.

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Tom, without sources we have to take your statement as a personal opinion.

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This needs to be viewed in the over-all context of all the unreported incidents where those working with mentally ill people successfully intervened to prevent or stop violence. This was an exception that needs to be investigated to understand why it happened and how it might have been prevented in the given circumstances. The story should not be used to spread fear about those being treated for mental illness. I say this as a retired mental health worker who had to deal with multiple cases of potentially violent confrontations.

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How does a psychiatric patient get hold of a knife?

Knives are not so accessible to inpatients in ordinary Japanese hospitals let alone Japanese psychiatric hospitals.

The article states that the patient was admitted but again does that mean visiting as an outpatient or had been a long term patient ?

The assumption that being admitted to the hospital means that the patient was sane or not is not backed up by the contents of the article especially as the police have charged the patient with various crimes.

The assumption of saneness or otherwise was mine.

Again the article does not state why the patient was being treated at the hospital. Mental issues are not mentioned at all!

Also, there are more than a few stabbings outside hospitals in Japan and having long experience of viewing people here I would say that mental illness is a problem.

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