Afghan police detain 6 men over killing of Japanese doctor


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I wonder if the doctor saved the wrong person, or couldn't save one, and they killed him because of it.

Its was a sad day for Afghanistan and the world that he was killed! RIP.

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The 2003 recipient of the Philippines' Ramon Magsaysay Award, dubbed the Nobel Prize of Asia,

Have to admit, until I read this in the numerous articles posted here about the doctor, I never knew this award existed. Certainly does not get coverage here, until now!

And I am sure I will be reminded of it for as long as stories about him continue!

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Why ever be willing to put your life at stake killing a doctor, who vowed to save lives anytime for free ?

Something very weird.

And Afghanistans' info from governement are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Indeed strange.  These are heavily armed assailants and they are taken into custody by the police?  In a country that is essentially in a civil war?

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who was shot at close range with five bullets of a special kind not commonly seen in Afghanistan

I don't want to start a conspiracy theory, but......

Never mind, the greater good was, Dr Nakamura already left a lasting legacy, that you should not only fight violence with violence, but at the same time or for the most part, with kindness & honesty.

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What does quote, “custom designed for improved penetration” mean?

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@nan,da, there are various bullets on the market, some are designed to expand on impact, some are designed to break up on impact, some are designed to penetrate or go through, one that used for hunting usually expand on impact as the hunters don't want to destroy the meat, target shooting is an accurate sport so bullets are designed to be deadly accurate I would have thought that most or any bullet will kill someone at close quarters any way, so why bother going to this extreme cost? this is what I cant understand is why shoot some one or have him assassinated, if he's bringing water, health, to an area? it sounds like it was planned, was the motivation political?

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Brian WhewayToday 03:23 pm JST

Listen up, Brian Wheway:

Punctuation is your friend.

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Why kill him in the first palce, will the killed doctor comes back ???. Justice will be to shoot these people the same way and immediately. A eye for a eye. Imagine the pain.

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Sounds like the assassin's gun was loaded with armor-piercing rounds in case Dr Nakamura's car was armor-plated, and they then shot him with what was left in the clip.

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