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Bomb-threat at U.S. base in Tokyo leads to evacuation order


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A bomb threat posted on some random FB page? Could even have been AI generated...

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Companies, government offices, schools and hospitals receive god awful ransom bomb threats all the time. There is almost 0 care or attention to these bomb threats. I've seen some thrown out before even checking what they were, since they were all English. I've seen threats that were obviously just copy pasted from google translate. I've seen bomb threats "signed" by Kishida himself after "losing his mind."

I'm sure it's something that should be taken seriously, but also sure it was a bogus, baseless threat to try and swindle from crypto.

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And if no one was on Facebook, then no one would have known about the bomb threat. Get off Facebook! It will lower your stress and anxiety level.

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@RodneyToday 01:44 pm JST

Easy solution, don’t have occupation bases in foreign countries.

A ridiculous self-serving assumption. You don't know who sent it in or what their agenda is.

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I beg to differ, COMUSFORCES JAPAN is located at Yokota he commands all branches of the U.S. military in Japan including Camp Zama

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Easy solution, don’t have occupation bases in foreign countries.

Do you hear the word Derp when people look at you?

The US bases are here in Japan to protect Japan. The Japanese government pays for them.

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Probably originated in Ch, Ru or NK.

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Mama always said: "Stupid is as stupid does..."

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“Serves as Headquarters for US Forces Japan”; not for Camp Zama it ain’t

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Serious lack of information about an incident which took place yesterday morning. e.g. was the threat on Facebook in Japanese or English? Good that there were no injuries but I can't think why there would have been any.

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Easy solution, don’t have occupation bases in foreign countries.

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