Death penalty finalized for man who killed 19 disabled people


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People like Tomohiro Kato, Tsutomy Miyazaki and this one have no place in free society. But i am ambiguous as to the death sentence. It will quickly end his miserable life.

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A fitting candidate for "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

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One sick man getting the verdict he deserves, good!

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We must accept the price that modern society demands of us: the existence of thousands of maladapted individuals with abnormal psychological conditions arising from nature and nurture and therefore are the responsibility of us all. A more humane society must find another solution to dealing with primate violence than "cruel and unusual" punishment.

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With all the doom and gloom going on in the world right now this is at least some good news. They need to hurry up and snuff his pathetic life out before more tax payer money is wasted on him

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Influenced by marijuana use is a complete lie.

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I guess the message is that if the state can murder citizens, then citizens also have the right to murder citizens.

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After his heinous murderous spree, he quickly turned himself in, knowing full well that the death penalty existed for such crimmes..

He got what he wanted - a voice, notoriety and death. It was what he expected.

Questions to be asked :

Does the deterrent factor of the death penalty work?

Will the victim's families & friends be consoled by his death?

Is Japan a safer place because of the death penalty?

Are there realistic alternatives to the death penalty for such terrible crimes?

And to a far, far, far lesser level of importance in this grave matter - but of niggling significance - is :

When will authorities discard the convoluted idea that marijuana be blamed for crimes of shocking horror?

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When will authorities discard the convoluted idea that marijuana be blamed for crimes of shocking horror?

It would seem that in this case, the authority - the court - decided it couldn't:

The district court ruled... rejecting his defense counsel's argument that he had been influenced by his marijuana use.

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This could go either way as I have met several with disabilities that they wish they could end their torture pains and discomfort to their surviving families. Is this morally right, depends which way one looks at perspectives. From a spiritual look it is morally wrong due to Christian beliefs. From a non spiritual look and those that do not deal from religious or spiritual aspect the answer is no but rather from compassion for those suffering. Not enough evidence was presented to the public to make a fair and reasonable judgement. Those in court with certainty did receive both sides and hence the final judgement. Death is the ultimate price but these are man's laws not spiritual.

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Stranger - thanks.

I should have said "prosecutors / lawyers" not the generalized term authorities.

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Right , deserve it . Imagine , how many people's life he destoryed.

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Killers should be killed regardless, SAD but JUST.

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MarkToday 08:34 pm JST

Killers should be killed regardless, SAD but JUST.

You mean like the nurse who was acquitted TODAY in Shiga for the wrongful conviction of murder of a patient.

Her sentencing was based on a forced confession she later retracted. Even the Supreme court upheld the initial ruling. She served 12 years in jail, but "eye-for-an-eyers" would have seen her swinging.

New medical evidence cleared her and in a really, really really rare show, the prosecutors did not contest the evidence and will likely not appeal.

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The death penalty needs to be abolished in Japan.

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No matter what, nobody deserves death penalty.

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