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Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge


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Really? 70, 87 shouldn't they have after years of tax money salery and bribes have enough to retire on, you know relax and leave us alone. Think these people have control issues linked to their idea of self worth. Which is funny as they are worthless, benefit nobody.

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Why have he not been arrested?

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They may escape on bail. Look out for a piano box.

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Suga said Yoshikawa's indictment was "very regrettable," / that he got caught!

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In a country controlled by a corrupt institution - the LDP - for decades this barely tweaks the radar.

That he wasn't taken in and questioned day upon day for at least the minimum 23 days, confessing his role clearly and the roles of all others concerned, is strikingly different to what happens to mere mortals.

That people can still vote for and support such an organization is beyond me.

Political maturity still eludes the majority of voters it seems.

Here's hoping this will be finally be a start in outing the incestuous corruption bedeviling politics here.

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The normal process is detention on solitary confinement for months/years until confession.

Then some more years on detention while the trial goes on.

...and suspended sentence.

Why is he not in a detention center by now?!

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One law for the elite and another for the rest of us. They throw you in jail here for almost anything and hold you for 28 days but these guys already got preferential treatment and will only get a suspended sentence.

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Why is he not in a detention center by now?!

Answer :

1) He is an ex-minister (bureaucrat).

2) He is Japanese.

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No perp walk for a money-twisted politician on the take like Yoshikawa who has probably made a career of grifting and sponging.

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Yoshikawa said in a statement he will explain his understanding of the matter in his upcoming trial and ask for a "fair judgment" while apologizing to the public for causing concern

Read: 90° bow and get off scot free.

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Let's not forget at times like this who funded and released from prison the central figures who organized and formed the LDP to begin with in the post-war era (and who continue to collude with them to this day in order to access public funds through the sales of arms, etc.).

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Not arresting him gives him a window to ‘get his house in order’ and ‘do the honourable thing’ which would mean a lot of shady government dealing not being aired publicly.

Of course he should’ve been arrested just like any normal citizen would have been for even a fraction of what he’s accused of. I’m sure countless people with health issues are arrested everyday.

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farm minister Takamori Yoshikawa was indicted without arrest. Yet again in Japan this proves if your an ex minister the police will not arrest you and your above the law. He needs to be arrested like anyone else regardless of status.

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As usual one rule for us ippanjin and one rule for the elite !!


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Keep digging the swamp is deep here too !

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Medieval ways. Daimiyos spitting on the people.

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Man,the caste system alive and well in Japan.

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This is only the first time he was caught. He didn't suddenly in his late 60's decide to accept the equivalent of 40,000 Euros because of some newfound weakness.

They have to get independent prosecutors who will get after these graft cases among LDP elite.

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Takamori. Art of the Steal. What a coincidence. Another L D P.. what's that again?

Oh yea, Loot Don't Pay!

Let's Party Member.

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