Ex-SMBC Nikko deputy president indicted over market manipulation


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Japan is all about controlled capitalism.

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More corruption

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No punishment, no loss of pension. Watch this space

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When there is no punishment or the punishment is low then people will commit those kinds of crimes.

What he will get a 1 to 5-year suspended sentence if lucky?

Probably he will get away just with a public apology and a few bows in front of a camera.

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I smell a suspended sentence in the works!

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I'm guessing nothing will happen to him after a little bow.

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The unusually high level purge of SMBC Nikko is believed to be, in part, because SMBC Nikko had the nerve to complain to the FSA after one of their employees died in October of a brain aneurysm shortly after multiple interrogation sessions that lasted up to 10 hours. (Source: FT)

Not defending Nikko SMBC’s actions, but one opinion is that the FSA seem to be on a mission against the whole firm to deflect from their own unethical behavior.

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I always thought “market manipulation” is the founding stone of capitalist democracy?

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Does crime really pay ?

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Why are they not being detained? Ooops! Forgot again. They must be Japanese.

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Yup. More corruption. I'm sure that person will give his "obligatory" apology and be relocated to another position in that company without much change in his salary. No biggie in this.

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Basically they "spoofing" the market, which is cheating. Good they are caught.

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