A man looks at the SoftBank logo at its Tokyo headquarters. Photo: REUTERS file

Ex-SoftBank employee arrested over alleged info leak to Russia


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SoftBank in a statement said he stole "task documentation" that was "low in confidentiality" which did not include information such as on customers or its business partners.

Does anyone actually think that Softbank would openly admit that one of their employees sold customer information to the Russians?

Before softbank became softbank, when it was under yahoo, their employees sold customer information to yakuza and loan sharks! Hence me never trusting yahoo every again!

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Sigh, here we go again, more leaks and spurts from the electronic system, and what a loser this guy is.

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...he did it to earn a "little extra money."

Softbank employees need all the money they can get, ever since Masa-san pressured them into investing in his Vision Fund, after the sane investors kept a very wide berth.

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The Russians are trying to learn how they too can make extremely poor investment decisions. So, they went right to the best.

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