Two people pray Saturday in front of the covered Kyoto Animation studio which was torched in an arson attack last July 18, killing 36 people. Photo: KYODO

Fans remember victims 6 months after attack on Kyoto anime studio


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Can't believe it has already been 6 months. Time is flying by. RIP.

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I dont think its right to leave this building standing, it does need to demolished, even if its structurally sound.

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Wether a building should go back up I am not to sure about, may be I could be made into a children's play area with swings and slides. make into a happy area rather than a sad one.

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Needs to be memorial park for the victims.

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Brian, that is a great idea! Make it a memorial park, where local people can go to enjoy, and fans can go to pay their respects! Win win for everybody.

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6 months already, huh? Time flies. They did in a horrible, suffocating way. I hope they're now resting in peace.

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KyoAni is a wonderful company of compassion and great quality of work. It has always been known for a company and studio that supports its workers and creators and has created some of the finest Anime series and films yet made. It was a terrible cruel wonton act that took the lives of so many fine people, and the event was deeply felt around the world among all who followed and supported the work of the studio.

Great sensitivity has been shown by the country, the government and the region and thousands have some to pray for the lost and for the firm. It is undecided what to do with the land, the structure needs to be removed to cleanse from the act and to allow the surivivors and the families of the slain to move on and heal. It is uncertain what to do with the land that the company owns, they will consider the deep feelings of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans.... and some memorial should exist...but hopefuly one that will consider the local community as well as the firm and the followers. Great care has been shown by the Company and its fine leaders about the huge financial donations. and for the families for those lost so I expect to see the best outcome possible. May peace come to all concerned.

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