LDP lawmaker faces possible ouster from Diet as aides indicted


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"I offer my sincere apology. I have yet to grasp the details of the investigations

And you are a "lawmaker" here? Gimme a break! You overpaid your staff, and it's against the election/campaign funding laws. How difficult is that to understand?

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This is not just one isolated case. The longer a political party remains in power, the more corrupt it gets. The LDP has been in power too long. This guy was a minister of justice and he has the ethics of a used car salesman!

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Endless corruption, endlessly.

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Both are Abe minions.

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I believe the Kawais. It’s not as if they have any incentive to lie. Oh, wait . . .

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It is regrettable that my actions may have caused misunderstanding. From now on I will do my utmost to regain the public's trust in politics.

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So 14 people working for 5 day, getting paid the max of 15,000 per day would work out to 1.05 million yen. Looks like the got paid about double. This is a lot of scandal for not a lot of money, but seriously, these people should know the basic rules. Mr. Kawai was once minister of justice, wasn't he?

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Oh yes: ""I offer my sincere apology."

As always, the same ol', same ol'.

And if Tatemichi has admitted to the allegations, how come those "Kawais" are not involved?

Taking the blame for them? Won't pay off!

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The two were arrested earlier this month for allegedly paying daily allowances totaling 2.04 million yen to 14 campaign staffers between last July 19 to 23, exceeding the daily legal cap of 15,000 yen per person.

Its kind of annoying that of all the things that could take down a politician in japan its always over really minor technical violations of obscure regulations that don't seem to have any actual negative consequences.

Doing the math it seems the staffers were paid an average of 28,000 yen over 5 days, so the amount at stake here is ridiculously small and its really unclear how paying staff a few thousand yen over an arbitrary limit harms the public or anyone at all.

Meanwhile the wholesale corruption of the LDP, which has really bad consequences which actually hurts society but does not violate any technical rules, goes unchallenged.

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Japanese politics. Dirty as a manhole cover.

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"She will also be barred from running for election to the upper house in the same district for five years."

I love that convicted criminals here can be reelected into power after a mere five years, if that. But then, given the currents heads of state, it's not really a surprise.

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Japanese politics. Dirty as a manhole cover.

Dunno. I grew up in the Chicago area. Compared to Chicago, politics in Japan are squeaky clean.

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