'Luffy'Japan robberies head suspected to be behind Manila fraud ring


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another man in Japan also used the name "Luffy"

A man? LOL. When I saw the name "Luffy," I assumed it was a woman.

All of the men were returned to Japan between 2020 and 2021, and arrested on suspicion of theft.

So how come Luffy is back in the Philippines so soon afterward? Was he indicted, sentenced, jailed, etc? Or is he a fugitive? Kyodo: much detail, no clarity.

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Rohypnol (flunitrazepan) is one of the benzodiazepines, the class of drugs that includes such popular sedative hypnotic agents as Librium and Valium. It is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, and has gained notoriety as a 'date-rape' drug, often referred to as 'roofy'...

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Pretty sure they're just naming themselves after One Piece's main protagonist leader, Luffy.

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Luffy and his friends will be much more likeable when they have a length of rope tied around their necks.

Let us hope that is the outcome.

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Keep them behind bars in Manila it is the proper place for them with 300 men in a small cell stacked on top of one another, little food, no showers, and many MEN eager to welcome them.

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Just one criminal gang, but they want to ban social media.

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Apparently one of them pays the equivalent of 60,000 yen for a VIP room in the Manila holding center (not quite the luxury you might expect, but he's not in a big room with a load of others). There's also footage of him using a smart phone contacting people in Japan from a couple of years ago. Guards have to be bribed to get the phone. These top guys couldn't be returned to Japan because they filed appeals against their detention.

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Crime flourishes due to the fact that laws favor criminals rather than victims.

Only wholesale application of capital punishment as a universal sentence can the crimewave be quelled.

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This gang of miscreants and its industrial scale ore ore sagi operation was supposed to have been shut down four years ago. So why are their predations continuing and they’ve become the Untouchables? Endemic corruption at the Philippine end and the J plods myopic inability to connect the dots mean this is a job for Interpol. On the same principle as those wanted posters seen here of sundry chinpira and on the lam Red Army Faction members, pictures of these low lifes need to be prominently displayed at airport terminals throughout the region. Their names and country of origin in big, bold lettering.

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Far as I'm concerned, for whatever that's worth, this Luffy guy is ultimately responsible for Kinuyo Oshio's murder.

Once he's fairly tried and convicted, hang him.

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