Man dies after standoff with police in Tokyo apartment


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Gunshots were heard twice from the apartment, the police said.

"Plural?" Sad, but fortunately no one else was hurt!

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You shouldn’t stand around watching ongoing gunfights, even if it is your neighbor.

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Most importantly, no one else was hurt, the hostage was released and will recover from her physical injuries. First draft here (6:30am) reads like police were just sitting him out since neighbors had been evacuated and had not yet breach the apartment.

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Confuse. He commit suicide or they storm the place and out him down?

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Possible a failed suicide on the deceased’s first attempt or, a warning shot first to keep police out, hence “*Gunshots were heard twice from the apt, the police said.”* - Then again, still not enough specific detail in this report’s first draft (6:30am) about the pacing of the shots. All that’s reasonably clear is police entered after and the fatal shot may not have been from police:

*- “**He was confirmed dead at the scene with bleeding from his head after officers entered the 3rd-floor apt in Ota Ward at around 2:25am.” -*

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" Gunshots were heard twice from the apartment, the police said.

This, as well, indicating the shots may have been self inflicted. I'm guessing this was a based on a release from the police where no follow up questions were possible.

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This is the vaguest piece of journalistic crap, ever.

No specifics, no details, and basically no information, except a young man in his 30's is dead,

and a 'hostage' was wounded.

From the dribs and drabs of info, it sounds like this young man had reached the end of his rope

and took a hostage to steady his nerves, and the police arrived and watched with interest,

until something happened.

I'm glad the hostage is ok, although it doesn't seem even from the very little info dropped here,

that there was intent to harm her.

Everything will be alright tonight

Everything will be alright tonight

No one moves, no one talks

No one thinks, no one walks tonight


-David Bowie

And no one attempted to intervene, because they all have better things to do, right?

Shoot yourself and hurry up about it.

What a world.

R.I.P. distraught young man.

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This article’s first draft (6:30am) stipulated “*The relationship between the man and woman is not currently known.andHe was confirmed dead at the scene with bleeding from his head after officers entered*”

There is no reason at this point to assume they were husband & “wife” nor that there was ever any form of “gunfight”.

It’s since been amended & clarified after 10am to read: “The man was confirmed dead with a head wound at the apartment in Ota Ward with the gun nearby in what appears to have been a suicide.”-

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Can someone who lives there say what area Ota is.

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What you should be asking is if the Shotgun was licensed to him or did he steal it....or was this somehow Yakuza related.

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The only Ota I know of is near Haneda Airport ? @WA4TKG 12:30pm:

- “Can someone who lives there say what area Ota is.” -

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To clarify what appear to be several redundant questions & comments by users earlier in this thread inconsistent with what others subsequently read in the story above, it should be noted it has once again been amended after 11:30am. 

In its first iterations, the story initially referred to the weapon as “a hunting rifle” and depicted “stab wounds in her left hand” but has now identified it specifically as “a shotgun”, added “*assaulted the woman prior to the standoff” and has clarified was “stabbed in her left arm*.”  

The relation, if any, of the victim to the deceased, as of this posting, is still “not currently known”.

In addition, no information about the shotgun’s registered owner is given.

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I hope they are going to investigate where he got the gun.

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Was his head wound from the shotgun? If it was there wouldn’t be much left of his head.

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WA4TKGToday  12:30 pm JST

Can someone who lives there say what area Ota is.

I don’t live in Ota but Janese news is saying 東京都大田区北糀谷 , nishikojiya.

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Shotgun? Two shots? Tough guy... but sad beyond words. Will we learn the source of his fatal desperation, perhaps the most important part of this 'news' other than its conclusion? We never do, do we?

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